Daily Driven IV – Sathish’s Evolution IV

Having a modified car has always had its challenges, whether its a small issue or a big issue. But one thing I have always seen is that amidst all those challenging times and situations they all settle down at some point and its at that point can the owner actually detox as it were from all the drama by simply doing one thing.. Driving!

Each time you put your left foot down and down shift and then your right foot down.. all your issues and problems just disappear and you end up having this massive grin on your face.
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DoubleUREX + STi V7


So we got some time to check out Huzni’s WRX STi Ver 7 & Ashard‘s WRX ver 8 from the outside and a bit of the interior. IMG_5106First up was Ashard‘s WRX ver 8

IMG_5113Have always a big fan of this face! And No I like all the other faces of the wrx’s but this is what smacks me on the face :)
IMG_5133Then its Huzni’s WRX STi Ver 7. Blue on Blue combo… many never knew it would look good! Once it was done, you could have heard a lot of “Wow’s”.
Its complimented with a carbon hoodIMG_5136They look amazing don’t they?

– Ramien


Porsche Cayenne S – The German Brute

IMG_8120When the name Porsche is mentioned what comes to your mind? the famous 911? Carrera? Turbo? GT2 RS? GT3 RS?
Well they are all iconic machines, that give you the pleasure for a weekend blast.

But what happens if your a family guy that always wanted to have a Porsche as your daily driver, that also gave you good ground clearance along with enough boot to chuck in plenty of luggage?

Enter the Porsche Cayenne S.
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Four Ringed Stealth Runner – The Audi A6 C7


When you think of Audi what comes to your mind? To me it was their Group B monster of the Quattro S1 and despite all the odd’s the guys at Audi  stepped into unknown territory and came forth victories on many occasions in the world of motorsports. Just like all other auto manufactures Audi too has a very strong history, and it was that history that continued on into all their newer designs.
Now enough with the history lesson.

Well then most of you all would have remembered the A6 above with those Lights from the Night races back in 2011.. Well i certainly remeber but unfortunately my camera doesnt, reseaon because each time i was on that tight corner of the track this thing would always come sneak up behind me and whizz pass by without a even a sound.. i was alway off guard in taking a pic of it. In saying that, it was also quite quick for its size.. hence i called it the stealth runner.  Since the night races I knew I had to dig deeper and find out what made this car tick the right boxes in me.

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The Pistontorque 2nd Year Meet Up – Turning Heads Wherever We Went That Day!


A few years ago i remember seeing the ever so famous super car meet which was held at the nawam mawatha car park… and i thought wow thats just brilliant. The selection of car that were present that day was insane! Since then i remember hearing a few friends of mine  mentioning “back in that day… there was this super car meet where the best of Sri Lanka’s performance cars met”.

From then on the question that i kept asking my self was why hasnt it been happening… I never got the answer to that question until we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of pistontorque last year. Thats when i saw the true potential of our community! Everyone enjoyed last year and that was what made me come up with this meet up, which will from now on been an annual meet up!

Our 2nd Year meet up took place on the 3rd of February @3pm and below is what went down.
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