On Board With WickedEP Racing – At The Drags On An Air Strip 2013


A few weeks back I was asked by WickedEPRacing – The guys who are known to build some of the fastest Starlets the universe has ever seen, to join them at the 2013 Drags which was going to be held at the Katukurunda Air Strip. My immediate response was “Yes for sure”.

Porsche Cayenne S – The German Brute

IMG_8120When the name Porsche is mentioned what comes to your mind? the famous 911? Carrera? Turbo? GT2 RS? GT3 RS?
Well they are all iconic machines, that give you the pleasure for a weekend blast.

But what happens if your a family guy that always wanted to have a Porsche as your daily driver, that also gave you good ground clearance along with enough boot to chuck in plenty of luggage?

Enter the Porsche Cayenne S.

GTM Power – Tuned Z For The Street

IMG_7600The term street tuned car to us is when you take a good car and make it even better and at the same time as practical to be as a daily driver.  The Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) has been one of the cars i had always admired on magazines and in movies. What drew me towards it was its body lines and then it was that glorious torquey motor.


Four Ringed Stealth Runner – The Audi A6 C7


When you think of Audi what comes to your mind? To me it was their Group B monster of the Quattro S1 and despite all the odd’s the guys at Audi  stepped into unknown territory and came forth victories on many occasions in the world of motorsports. Just like all other auto manufactures Audi too has a very strong history, and it was that history that continued on into all their newer designs.
Now enough with the history lesson.

Well then most of you all would have remembered the A6 above with those Lights from the Night races back in 2011.. Well i certainly remeber but unfortunately my camera doesnt, reseaon because each time i was on that tight corner of the track this thing would always come sneak up behind me and whizz pass by without a even a sound.. i was alway off guard in taking a pic of it. In saying that, it was also quite quick for its size.. hence i called it the stealth runner.  Since the night races I knew I had to dig deeper and find out what made this car tick the right boxes in me.


The Pistontorque 2nd Year Meet Up – Turning Heads Wherever We Went That Day!


A few years ago i remember seeing the ever so famous super car meet which was held at the nawam mawatha car park… and i thought wow thats just brilliant. The selection of car that were present that day was insane! Since then i remember hearing a few friends of mine  mentioning “back in that day… there was this super car meet where the best of Sri Lanka’s performance cars met”.

From then on the question that i kept asking my self was why hasnt it been happening… I never got the answer to that question until we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of pistontorque last year. Thats when i saw the true potential of our community! Everyone enjoyed last year and that was what made me come up with this meet up, which will from now on been an annual meet up!

Our 2nd Year meet up took place on the 3rd of February @3pm and below is what went down.

J’s Racing Tuned FD2-R – Muzahir’s Weekend Weapon


As we are celebrating our second year meetup today, I thought it will be fitting to release this feature at our meet.

The car above you see belongs to a good friend of ours, Muzahir. I remember him a few years ago when he used to own a Civic ES RS, fondly remember the part when He and a few mates of his came to pick up a set of Wheels from a friend of mine, and they all ended up carrying 2 wheels in the boot and 2 wheels on the laps of 3 of his mates in rear seat (Tight Fit) They complained of body aches the next day :)

Anyway, Muzahir has always been a Civic Nut, so from a RS to Type R is definitely a big feat.

The 1/4 Mile Life – Laying Rubber on An Air Strip


We last witnessed a legal drag race exactly 12months ago, within a few months after it was organized everyone were soon thirsting up for another one! Although attempts were made to hold another drag battle early and mid this year failed, the green light came from the officials to hold it at the Katukurunda Air Strip to end this year.


Samurai’s With Swords – The Evolution Meet Up 2012


Recently a call was put out to for all Japanese Samurai’s to bring out their swords and show Colombo how proud they were of them. Thanks to Social Media these days organizing meets of this nature has become a bit easy to organize. So scroll down to check it for yourselves. We have posted all the pics not in order form for a reason.. so that all who came out that day, wouldn’t know what to expect below. Enjoy!



# Street-Out # – Skyline Lights & City Lights

A few nights ago we thought it would be great to step out for some late night dinner during the mid week. We called our good friend Muditha to come talk about cars and also find out what he plans on doing to his newly acquired R34 Skyline GT.  This friends isnt a shoot.. Its just a random meet up that goes with a new title that you see above “# Street-Out #”.  So dont expect all the details that you would on a full feature.


A Sudden Meet Up & A Bid Farewell

A few days ago a message was sent out from a village far far away in Ja-ela for a sudden BMW meet up.. more like a farewell to an E34 known to many in the Bavarian Alternative Club.


Below The Radar – One Clean Silver STi

They say getting the right type of attention from the right type of people ends with satisfaction. But get that wrong type of attention and you’l end up stiring up a hornets nest. In this case Gihans Ver 9 STi seems to be doing very well at getting the right type of attention from the right type of people, as it has been getting lots of thumbs up from the local Subaru owners & enthusiasts.

It was last month where i happened to hear a very distinctive sound being emitted… the sounds of equal length headers and then this silver ghost appeared in the dark… Fast forward few weeks ago and i was up at 5AM on a Saturday and then rode shot gun in this at 5:45AM on the calm Colombo suburb streets…  My plan was to capture this just as the sun was revealing its morning rays.

Rodbot’s Caged EK9 – Bringing a Race Car out to play on the Street

We all have heard the statement “we will always remember our first crush”. If i was to take that statement and put it into the life of a petrol head, it would then obviously mean a car. By now you probably know that EK9’s and Me have a sort of history.

If your wondering whats so special about this EK9 to me other than its Normal Aspirated Numbers or its power to weight ratio or its driving dynamics, then let me just tell you : When i turned 18 this car right here was the 1st performance car i drove thanks to my friend who bought it back then. It was the 1st time i felt Vtec kick in at 6000rpm. This was the car that taught me the meaning of simple and functional factory modifications . It also prevented my mind from going rice boy crazy when i took a peek at the world of aftermarket tuning.  This car right here is my master! Each time i see it i appreciate Honda for making its 1st fwd car to carry the Type R badge.


The Blue Kick-Boxer – Ishraq Wahab’s 2011 STi Sedan

There’s a very strong saying in the automobile industry that goes by “Pictures don’t do justice to a car unless you see it in person” Well from my personal experience of being in the local car industry for the past couple of  years and in shooting cars for the past 1 year i can clearly tell you that, that saying is definitively true… as i really got to feel the difference from seeing a very new car on paper(pics) and then getting to see it in the flesh.

It was a month or so ago that i happened to stumble on some social media comments that said “Sti 11″ and although i had seen the new sti sedan online, those comments sti 11 kind of confused me lol. But after a bit more digging around i found out for real that a 2011 STi was imported into the island… from that very moment i knew i had to check it out! After a few text messages to Javidh Wahab whos STi 9 was featured here, passed the news to his brother Ishraq Wahab…. a few days later i get a message from Ishraq saying he’s “Super excited for the feature”. :D

So a day was set!

On that particular Saturday waking up at 5am was not an issue at all for me…. Trust me i even woke up before my alarm went off lol…  i guess it was good old motivation’s smacking on the head… kinda reminded me of the days in school ;)

Video – Testing @ Pannala Circuit

Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys… being preparing business assignments as of late lol. Anyway a few weeks back I was invited to head over to pannala circuit to shoot a few pics for a few of my mates getting their cars tested. I convinced my mate Sam who had never been to and had always wanted to go to pannala to go along with me…. And for the rest of the 1hour we were there.. this are the results.

Thiwanka’s DC5 rolls into the pits.

The Piston Meet Feb ’12 – Pistontorque’s 1st Meetup

With every year end comes alot of new year resolutions for almost all of us. Well for me it was to actually “organize my 1st ever car meet up” among my many other resolutions. When it came to selecting an appropriate date to organize my 1st meet, i then realized that this February has been exactly 1 year since i started photographing cars… with that i decided to combine the two and this is are the results.

I wonder if there’s any better way to celebrate this than to get the guest of honor chucked into a trolley….  Thats what happens when a Raptor messes with an Angry Bird :D

Well then… how did it all start that day?

Japanese Gunslingers – IX vs IX

There have being times when we all have see some old wild wild west gunfight action on television. Well its a bit rare now but as kids it was one of the things that we enjoyed (until our parents stopped us from watching it for the violence). But hey even Looney Tunes got it! LOL

I know we all do miss the old days when we were just kids!  but gunfights or gunfighters if you were to call it were conflicts between Good vs Bad, Villains vs Heroes or Lawman vs. Gunslinger.

In this case it wasn’t about firearms or physically harming someone… but it was about a battle that was 1st set up in 1992 when Mitsubishi created the 1st generation Lancer Evolution and Subaru created the 1st generation Impreza WRX.  The battle between these 2 started on the tracks in Japan and made its way into WRC.

Along with the WRC bug various motoring media groups  started comparing them and reviewing them together which lead to a die hard fan base of these 2 cars respectively.

If your wondering whats the real buzz about these 2 cars are… its quite simple, they both have 2L 4 cylinder turbo engines and are  All-Wheel Drive. From their inception in 1992 to this very day, that has being their formula!

A few days ago i was going through the thought of how the modern (not the latest) model of the Evo and STi would look together on the street or anywhere for that matter. Soon that thought became a quest…. a quest to find 2 of the best examples in Sri Lanka.

So today from the Subaru camp we have the Impreza WRX STi Ver IX (9) Spec C Type RA and from the Mitsubishi camp we have the Lancer Evolution IX (9) GT spec.

The Green Bavarian – Sam’s BMW E34

While growing up as teenagers into adulthood, we would have at some given point of our lives stopped and thought about the time when we could afford our first car. But when it comes down to reality, depending on how high our dream car is we either end up buying it or settling for something that will just help us getting from point A to B.  As the saying goes “We all want a Ferrari but we end up with a station-wagon”.

Recently my good friend Sam got to fulfill his dream of owning his 1st car.  I will let Sam talk you all through on from here regarding his childhood dream of owning his 1st car.


Colombo Night Races 2011 – Just Inches From The Action

The  saying “Experiencing all the good of something & automatically all the bad of it just disappears” has stayed within me for along time… If your wondering why i said such a thing, its because my experience at the Night Races started off on a bad note…  but soon turned to the opposite direction as you see above :)

Most of you must have faced the very same thing as i did…

Rumesh Rajakulendran’s Fighter EK9 – On The Streets of Colombo

Ever wondered what our Memories & Dreams have in common? Well to you & me there will always be a car/cars that would always bridge the gap. Whether you have seen a car and some day dream to own it, or driven it and some day hope to drive it again… what ever the case is, your love for that car will always be within you as you grow older.

Well for me it was kind of a different story….

It all started when a good friend got his hands on an EK9 and thats when i got the opportunity to drive it. I must say that experience has further helped me in a way to pay attention to how the car behaves on the throttle inputs. After a year or so my friend told me he sold it, as a result that experience became a memory to me. But the words EK9 always stuck on me, i remember there had been times i had wished to drive it all over again on many occasions.

When i started getting to know more people, i noticed that there were a few who did own Honda EK4’s &9’s.  Then it came to the point where i started pursuing photography…

Colombo Drag Race 2011 @ Green Path

As the saying goes “there’s always a calmness before a storm”, that saying easily applies to the drags that were held a few days back.

Starting from the moment the announcement that Drags were going to be held on the 5th of November, there was a sudden surge of Activity in the local garages & tuning shops. At first i heard about this buzz from friends…. but i really didnt understand this until i took a walk to a few garages, thats where i really came to understand the enthusiasm & determination that was shown from our fellow gearheads.

I guess you all might agree that this is the 1st time in SL history that so much of  tuning activity has ever taken place all at once.

November 5th came & I tried my best to be there as early as possible at 8:30/9am… but then found out that scrutinizing starts at 8:30 & the Public are allowed to be there after 10am! Yes so much for me trying to be there as early as possible.

As soon as i arrived i headed into the padocks… and met a few familiar faces. Thats where i saw these Starlet GT family. At the back of my mind i was wondering if i would actually get to see….  

The Boss of Evo Bosses – Cyber Evo

You now might be thinking the following “I have  seen all the Evo’s out there” or “Nah its just another Evo!”

Well stop right there and examine the above picture well and watch the below video… & make sure to look out for the below specs! Then you’l get my drift.

The Cyber Evo started life as a standard Evo IX & went on to be created with one purpose in mind & that is to attack a circuit with a quickest time or is known as Time Attack.  The car was built & is  raced in Japan, But it also made its way to Australia the previous year & this year to take part in the World Time Attack 2010/2011 respectively.

You might wonder who put down all the cash into building this… That question shall be answered below!

Experience – On The Streets Of Singapore

Last month i got about telling you all that i had some photos from a recent trip to Singapore. I know its being a long time, but finally got around some time to sort them out.

Below you will see a few of the Exotic machines that i happened to see during a time lapse of 1 hour to be exact. As you see on the above picture, it was all calm with a civic at the lights &…

…. a Porsche Cayman wizzes past….

The Rumble Theory – “FLAT4ORCE” Subaru Owners Club Sri Lanka Meet

Its 11:50AM on Sunday September the 4th 2011  and you find people on the streets going about their work calmly and peacefully as usual as any other sunday…

That is all about to change.


Post – On The Streets Of Singapore

Have a couple of photos that i snapped during our 1 day stay in Singapore, will be posting them up in the days to come.

While walking the streets of Singapore which was constantly buzzing of  exotic sounds (cars), this building caught my attention with its beaming colors, and there was a moment when the road just got empty all of a sudden…. with all that I thought it would be a worthy shot!

- Ramien Hodgson


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