Colombo Drag Race 2011 @ Green Path

As the saying goes “there’s always a calmness before a storm”, that saying easily applies to the drags that were held a few days back.

Starting from the moment the announcement that Drags were going to be held on the 5th of November, there was a sudden surge of Activity in the local garages & tuning shops. At first i heard about this buzz from friends…. but i really didnt understand this until i took a walk to a few garages, thats where i really came to understand the enthusiasm & determination that was shown from our fellow gearheads.

I guess you all might agree that this is the 1st time in SL history that so much of  tuning activity has ever taken place all at once.

November 5th came & I tried my best to be there as early as possible at 8:30/9am… but then found out that scrutinizing starts at 8:30 & the Public are allowed to be there after 10am! Yes so much for me trying to be there as early as possible.

As soon as i arrived i headed into the padocks… and met a few familiar faces. Thats where i saw these Starlet GT family. At the back of my mind i was wondering if i would actually get to see….  
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