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Mini In For Some Rubber Change

While walking out of D & D Performance that evening, I happened to spot this Mini inside the Bridgestone shop. My guess is that it was probably just after a change of new rubber and was waiting for its owner to come pick it up.

- Ramien Hodgson

Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 part 1

I am hereby pleased to give you the “Cream” of the event at the recent Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 races.
What you see above are the Honda Civic’s that run in the SL H upto 1600cc event as they wait for the OK to head out on track.

SL – A Mini 7 Event @ Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3

Firstly i would like to give out a big Hi & a big Thank you to all our readers and supporters of the PistonTorque facebook page & blog for being with us since January!! Thank you guys and girls (yeah i know a few girls like the page)

From today i bring you all the recent events from Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 held @ Pannala circuit.
The event above is the SL – A Mini 7 Event… so sit back and enjoy!!


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