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Nissan R35 GTR Sitting Patiently in KL

It was one of those days where you end up having lunch as your first meal for that day…. that late night!

Anyway while we were on our way for some lunch that day…  i was somewhat met face to face with this GTR. I ended up just standing in front of it for a few brief moments and watched it from the angle above & clicked the above pic.

Pure Old School JDM >> Corolla KE70 Cruising Down town KL

After getting to KL i started staying up till late just to click and hear the awesome pieces of machines that prowl the city’s streets.. It was during one of those nights that i happened to spot this Corolla KE70.

The car happens to have just completed 30yrs.. But it still looks and sounds great.. as it was my 1st time that i had ever seen such a car in this condition i was in awe!  I hope the same could be done to the cars like this back at home in Sri Lanka…. Lets wait and see :) Who knows may be someday!!

- Ramien Hodgson

Have You Ever Got The Feeling That You Were Being Stalked?

While travelling to our hotel in KL i was constantly on the look out for cars. Well not just not any type of cars, but cars that have created a special spot in our hearts. Thats when i took a casual glance at the side mirror of the taxi and i realised that we were being silently stalked…. by non other than….

Mini In For Some Rubber Change

While walking out of D & D Performance that evening, I happened to spot this Mini inside the Bridgestone shop. My guess is that it was probably just after a change of new rubber and was waiting for its owner to come pick it up.

- Ramien Hodgson

Shop >> D & D Performance – Malaysia

Before i left for Malaysia , a few of my friends asked me to get them something for their cars. At first i wasnt sure how the shop staff would react if i went empty handed into the shop to check it out.  But now i had a valid reason to visit this shop.

As you walk in you are…

How About a Game of Golf?

- Ramien Hodgson

That Zee – Nissan 370Z

During our visit to Sunway recently i spotted this Nissan 370Z  roll down the road.
Above the driver drives it in an angle over the speed-bump, to prevent it from scraping the front bar.


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