Video – Testing @ Pannala Circuit

Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys… being preparing business assignments as of late lol. Anyway a few weeks back I was invited to head over to pannala circuit to shoot a few pics for a few of my mates getting their cars tested. I convinced my mate Sam who had never been to and had always wanted to go to pannala to go along with me…. And for the rest of the 1hour we were there.. this are the results.

Thiwanka’s DC5 rolls into the pits.
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GOOD SHOW >> NIGEL PERERA Puts On A Good Show @ Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3

Nigel Perera who was known for his rich racing history decided to keep out of the scene for a while.
After being away from racing for a few years, he has finally made it back into the local rally/tarmac racing scene. During the time he was away from racing, he always made it a point to help his fellow racing buddies with engine tuning and so on. All the while observing the racing scene progress.  
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SL – A Mini 7 Event @ Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3

Firstly i would like to give out a big Hi & a big Thank you to all our readers and supporters of the PistonTorque facebook page & blog for being with us since January!! Thank you guys and girls (yeah i know a few girls like the page)

From today i bring you all the recent events from Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 held @ Pannala circuit.
The event above is the SL – A Mini 7 Event… so sit back and enjoy!!
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