Porsche Cayenne S – The German Brute

IMG_8120When the name Porsche is mentioned what comes to your mind? the famous 911? Carrera? Turbo? GT2 RS? GT3 RS?
Well they are all iconic machines, that give you the pleasure for a weekend blast.

But what happens if your a family guy that always wanted to have a Porsche as your daily driver, that also gave you good ground clearance along with enough boot to chuck in plenty of luggage?

Enter the Porsche Cayenne S.
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Colombo Night Races 2011 – Just Inches From The Action

The  saying “Experiencing all the good of something & automatically all the bad of it just disappears” has stayed within me for along time… If your wondering why i said such a thing, its because my experience at the Night Races started off on a bad note…  but soon turned to the opposite direction as you see above :)

Most of you must have faced the very same thing as i did…
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