Experience – On The Streets Of Singapore

Last month i got about telling you all that i had some photos from a recent trip to Singapore. I know its being a long time, but finally got around some time to sort them out.

Below you will see a few of the Exotic machines that i happened to see during a time lapse of 1 hour to be exact. As you see on the above picture, it was all calm with a civic at the lights &…

…. a Porsche Cayman wizzes past….
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Post – On The Streets Of Singapore

Have a couple of photos that i snapped during our 1 day stay in Singapore, will be posting them up in the days to come.

While walking the streets of Singapore which was constantly buzzing of  exotic sounds (cars), this building caught my attention with its beaming colors, and there was a moment when the road just got empty all of a sudden…. with all that I thought it would be a worthy shot!

– Ramien Hodgson