SL – A Mini 7 Event @ Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3

Firstly i would like to give out a big Hi & a big Thank you to all our readers and supporters of the PistonTorque facebook page & blog for being with us since January!! Thank you guys and girls (yeah i know a few girls like the page)

From today i bring you all the recent events from Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 held @ Pannala circuit.
The event above is the SL – A Mini 7 Event… so sit back and enjoy!!

Shashika Wijayaratna in his Austin Mini 1000 before the final corner.

The pack together before they all split up…..

K. Balasingham in his Mini Minor exiting the final corner.

Shashika Wijayaratna @ full force toward the finish line. 

Namal Sajith Silva in his Austin Mini 1000 …..

pedal to the metal!!

& finally No. 49 driver Rizvi Hassan in his Mini Cooper 1000 going hard out toward the finish line.

Thats it for the SL – A Mini 7 Event. Stay tuned as there’s more photos from the rest of the events.

– Ramien Hodgson

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