GOOD SHOW >> NIGEL PERERA Puts On A Good Show @ Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3

Nigel Perera who was known for his rich racing history decided to keep out of the scene for a while.
After being away from racing for a few years, he has finally made it back into the local rally/tarmac racing scene. During the time he was away from racing, he always made it a point to help his fellow racing buddies with engine tuning and so on. All the while observing the racing scene progress.  

Having owned a Subaru Impreza WRX STi GDB Ver 7 and still owning a Civic EK9 Type R, he decided the best way for him to get into the scene was by transforming a normal 1.5L FWD Impreza GC8 into a fire breathing 2.0L Turbo AWD Impreza GC8 WRX STi with Impreza GDB STi running gear.  Although according to him the car is still in its testing stages. 

After his long break away from racing, he came back into the scene and ran his Civic EK9 Type R with a freshly built stroked motor in the SLGT super car event at this years Kandy Road Races. After which he competed in the recent Sevenagala Rally in the Impreza GC8 STi and came in 4th place. A very good run considering its his 1st outing in the car.

Fast forward a few days later and to our surprise he’s at Pannala Circuit to participate in the Super Car event @ Speed Championship 2011. But the car was still running the same rally setup as it did in Sevenagala.

Everyone was in high spirits to see him run at pannala…  even before the supercar event started!! 

As soon as the event was announced on the speaker, you could have heard his buddies all shout out “Ah Nigel all the best ah”  & “Ah Nigel!!!” 

As soon as he was strapped into the harness of the seat, a whole lot of guys ganged up on him to wish him good luck & all the best.  After all that he was still good enough to wait for this pic. 

Hearing this car with its Subaru Flat 4 boxer engine revving amongst Lancer Evo’s was a total different experience.

Nigel started 4th place out of 4 cars and soon overtook to 3rd place. He kept it there through out as the car wasnt running its best set up for this circuit, so i doubt he was even driving it to the limit. 

As you all saw in the 1st pic above, Nigel went on to finish the race in 3rd position.  As soon as he came into the pits you could have imagined the response he got from all his buddies….  thus the reaction on his face above!!

Nigel its good to have you back racing bro!!


-Ramien Hodgson

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