Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 part 1

I am hereby pleased to give you the “Cream” of the event at the recent Speed Championship 2011 – Round 3 races.
What you see above are the Honda Civic’s that run in the SL H upto 1600cc event as they wait for the OK to head out on track.

But firstly it was the Mini’s that run in the SL – A upto 1050cc event to race.

Here they are on the grid. Up front is Kamal Yahatugoda in an Austin Mini 1000, followed by Hafiz Cader in an Austin Mini 1050 and right behind him is Michael Wijesuriya in a Nissan March 1000.

Here’s the warm up lap.  After which…

It was green and they were off!

Hafiz Cader at full throttle on the straight closely followed by Kamal Yahatugoda. Kamal Yahatugoda fell into difficulties when his steering column got locked and ended up making contact with the wall at the exit of the final corner.

Michael Wijesuriya at full throttle.

Hafiz Cader on the 1st left hander after the straight.

A Daihatsu Charade driven by Sunanda Piyal.

After the Mini’s came into the pits, it was time for the Honda Civic’s in the SL H upto 1600cc event to head out to the starting grid.
First above is Ishraq Wahab in his Honda Civic EG Hatch..

Second is Ashan Silva in the D & D Performance/Causeway Paints sponsored Honda Civic EK Hatch.  Third is Sajaad Zuhair in the EZY Racing sponsored Civic EG hatch. Fourth is Dinesh Jayawardena in the Monster Energy sponsored Civic Ek9 Type R & Fifth is Ushan de Silva in the U.S Car Sale sponsored Suzuki Swift sport.

Dinesh Jayawardena pedal to the metal.

Ushan de Silva in the Suzuki Swift sport.

Ashan Silva running in 1st position

soon followed by Sajaad Zuhair.

Ashan Silva just as he crossed the finish line in 1st position.

US Car Sale Suzuki Swift sport on the 1st left hander after the straight.

Thats it for the SL H upto 1600cc event.

A small teaser on whats next!

– Ramien Hodgson

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