Shop >> D & D Performance – Malaysia

Before i left for Malaysia , a few of my friends asked me to get them something for their cars. At first i wasnt sure how the shop staff would react if i went empty handed into the shop to check it out.  But now i had a valid reason to visit this shop.

As you walk in you are…

…. greeted by this view.  A gear heads heaven!!!

Recaro’s anyone?

Momo & OMP steering wheels.

Or would you prefer a Bride full bucket?

Volk CE28

AP Racing Race pedals &

Lights & more wheels.

If Carbon fibre is your choice… they have got it.. ranging from Carbon fibre hood & trunks to…

Civic & Evo front fenders.

Honda intake plenum from Carbon fibre….. (droool)

Front mount intercoolers & piping.

RX7 front bar.

After getting the stuff i wanted it was time to leave as we were very short on time. Hope someday that i get a much closer look at the place along with the cars that were in the shop.

(Photography by Sam Smith & Ramien Hodgson).

– Ramien Hodgson

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