That Sedan With an R >> Luthuf Ashraff’s Euro R

In the vast market of Mid size performace cars… you get the honda Accord Euro R that fits into this segment. Euro what you ask? Yes you heard me! Its the Accord Euro R. To those of you who dont knw about this car i will go on to explain. Well whats with the R you might ask? As in the case of honda the R signifies something very special to them, that they are passonate about! Its Racing and the R line of cars like the Accord Euro R, Civic Type R & NSX-R all offer more improvements for performance such as better handling, power and abit of cosmetic changes from the factory compared to their standard counterparts respectively.

Months ago back in march when i shot the Toyota Altezza that belonged to my good friend Riyaz.. He introduced me to a long time friend of his, Luthuf Ashraff. While speaking to Luthuf I found out that he owns a Accord Euro R. Thats when Riyaz suggested that i shoot his car.  Every since then i was trying to shoot his car but something always ended up coming our way.

That was in March. Now fast forward August and both of us happened to be free on the same week… and so finally a day was set for the shoot, and here are the final results!

Twin exhaust? Yes sir they are standard!

I thought LA meant for Los Angeles? But then i found out that it meant Luthuf Ashraff 😀

Red just bursts out in the morning sun.

Time to let the pictures talk!


Yes as i told you earlier, the R line of cars is different compared to their standard counterparts… How about those Recaro’s? Definitely for that spirited driver!

A Razo gear knob adds to the feel of spirited driving.

Everything is within the drivers reach.

The heart that pumps breath into this accord is a Honda  H22A that is rated at 217 bhp (162 kW) @ 7,200 rpm  & 163 ft·lbf (221 N·m) @ 6,500 rpm from factory. As in the case there is always a possiblity to free more horses if one wishes to 😉

Car & Driver!

It was definitely a pleasure featuring this Accord, as i must also say that it was a very comfortable and rewarding ride to go in it from our shooting location.

I would like to thank Luthuf for giving me the opportunity to feature the car and for being patient during the shoot.

– Ramien Hodgson

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