The Weekend Lady on 20’s >> Asif Sheri’s 300C

As you all remember the last post i did was of a mid size/ sports sedan, but today i bring you something different… When i say different i mean something which is in a totally different league…  Yes and that is Elegance!

Lets try to imagine this situation, say you just purchased this car from the showroom, and you kept using it for sometime and as time went on you slowly started noticing others buying the same car… what do you do?

You would go on to make it look a bit different compared to others.

Thats exactly what Asif went on to do. With a bit of help from his close friend who happens to be in the US, he went on to get some goodies that adds more visual character to his car.

If you already haven’t noticed the cars has got its front grill replaced..   to something that makes a statement…. like “In your face” .  It definitely looks good compared to the standard grill.    

Luxury and comfort?

Yes sir!

Make that another “yes” please 🙂

Wheels anyone?

How about those 20 inch chromes to tantalize your eyes 😉

The roof was decided to be wrapped in black vinyl to give it that look. 

The SOHC 3.5L V6  motor puts out 250 hp @ 6500 rpm &  250 ft·lb (340 N·m) of torque @ 4000 rpm from factory.

The car definitely gets a lot of looks…. the occasional stop and stares too…

I have always visualized this shot….  and I finally got to try it out with a lot of trial and error.
How can you not admire a Chrysler 300c cruise down the road beside you?

Looking all tough!

It was definitely a joy to shoot this car & as always i would like to thank the owner Asif Sheri for his time, patience & the opportunity to feature his car.

– Ramien Hodgson

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