The Rumble Theory – “FLAT4ORCE” Subaru Owners Club Sri Lanka Meet

Its 11:50AM on Sunday September the 4th 2011  and you find people on the streets going about their work calmly and peacefully as usual as any other sunday…

That is all about to change.

It all started with a group post being sent out to the members, asking if they were good for a meet up on Sunday September the 4th. The confirmations came in and it was set.

Came Sunday September the 4th and there were cars lined up from 9:30AM.

Cars kept on coming till around 11:30 or so… probably the results of  a long night the previous night 😉

1st Represent sticker given out to our friend Sashi March! Damn it looks good up there. 

RFRB “Run Fast, Run Beautiful”  refers to Subaru’s concept of parts & accessories brand such as extra bits of body kit

Hanging out with a brother…..

Mr. Kenny from the Block was also present!

Having an Evo present amongst Subies was ok as along it sat on the other side of the road 😀

These 2 kept on grinning for no reason..  On the left you find a STi WRC front bumper on the STi ver 7  & on the right a modified STi ver 4 bumper. As you will also notice those 2 front mount intercoolers give away the stock look of the car… as well as uncover the punch they are packing respectively.

Jay Wahab joined in for a chat.

Razali Iyne feeling the boost of twin turbos…

“While some decided to check how stiff their suspension was at hard cornering” 🙂  No no he was just coming in to park.

Different models of Subaru flock together no?

Nigel Perera’s ex Sti ver 7 now owned by Rohan De Silva at its best launch stance…

May be We should organise an “Evo vs STi” meet sometime?  what do you say?

Do you feel the presence?

Being tail-gated

The start of the rumble theory…..

How?  Well as i said at the top, it wasnt going to be a normal calm sundays walk for the people on the road…..
Why?  How would you feel to be walking calmly on the road and then all of a sudden to be awaken to the rumble of 11 boxer engines at full force on the open street?

Thank you!

Should take a closer look.. Car Feature Janaka Rodrigo? 

Sitting pretty..

Baby’s too liked Subaru’s 🙂

Nuzaf Nazeer & Chamila Fernando

Pls help cant decide which one i want!

“You feeling… lucky punk?”

Google it!

Owners of Hot Cars need to burn their fingers in the heat of the day 😀

Which one would you like to have? (Owners of the above pls dont answer)

Club Posers!

One big happy Scooby family!


They all thought they saw Catwoman up on the building!!
Haha right! While a real cat decides to check out Razali Iyne’s scooby! 😀

This is “FLAT 4ORCE” Subaru owners club Sri Lanka‘s 2nd meet. They will be having another meet in the near future and if you happen to own a subaru, then you definitely need to join the Group!

I personally would like to thank the owners and the organisers for their patience and cooperation in making this feature possible. Thanks guys!!

Until next time for The Rumble Theory II .

– Ramien Hodgson

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