The Boss of Evo Bosses – Cyber Evo

You now might be thinking the following “I have  seen all the Evo’s out there” or “Nah its just another Evo!”

Well stop right there and examine the above picture well and watch the below video… & make sure to look out for the below specs! Then you’l get my drift.

The Cyber Evo started life as a standard Evo IX & went on to be created with one purpose in mind & that is to attack a circuit with a quickest time or is known as Time Attack.  The car was built & is  raced in Japan, But it also made its way to Australia the previous year & this year to take part in the World Time Attack 2010/2011 respectively.

You might wonder who put down all the cash into building this… That question shall be answered below!

Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada – No he isnt the owner… but is the skilled driver for the cyber evo as you saw in the video above

As i said earlier who owns the Cyber Evo? Watch the below video!



Cyber Evo specs : 

Engine                                       : Mitsubishi 4G63 (2.0 straight four cylinder)

Estimated Power                : 700 HPATW
Approx. Weight                    : 1060 KG
Power To Weight Ratio   : 0.66 HP Per Kilo
Engine Modifications
Tomei 2.2L Stroker Kit A’pexi RX6 Turbo Kit HKS EVC Boost Controller HKS F-Com V-Pro ECU CyberEVO Titanium Exhaust CyberEVO Inlet Manifold & Throttle Body JUN Camshafts HPI Oil Cooler HPI Intercooler ORC Twin Plate Clutch Maintained by Unlimited Works
Suspension & BrakeMods
Tein Super Racing Coilovers Bestex Springs CyberEVO Suspension Arms OEM Brembo Brake Calipers PFC Pads
Driveline Modifications
Cusco Front & Rear LSD’s
Chassis Modifications
Full Voltex Wide body Kit Voltex GT-Wing
Wheels & Tyres
18″x10.5″ +22 AME TM-02 Wheels Yokohama ADVAN A050 R-spec Tyres


            0:54.92 @ Tsukuba Circuit 2009
1:41.43 @ Fuji Speedway
1:30.58 @ Eastern Creek WTA 2010

1:28.8510 @ Eastern Creek WTA 2011
Pics from  trueformracing, jdmstyletuning & jdmego.

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