Colombo Drag Race 2011 @ Green Path

As the saying goes “there’s always a calmness before a storm”, that saying easily applies to the drags that were held a few days back.

Starting from the moment the announcement that Drags were going to be held on the 5th of November, there was a sudden surge of Activity in the local garages & tuning shops. At first i heard about this buzz from friends…. but i really didnt understand this until i took a walk to a few garages, thats where i really came to understand the enthusiasm & determination that was shown from our fellow gearheads.

I guess you all might agree that this is the 1st time in SL history that so much of  tuning activity has ever taken place all at once.

November 5th came & I tried my best to be there as early as possible at 8:30/9am… but then found out that scrutinizing starts at 8:30 & the Public are allowed to be there after 10am! Yes so much for me trying to be there as early as possible.

As soon as i arrived i headed into the padocks… and met a few familiar faces. Thats where i saw these Starlet GT family. At the back of my mind i was wondering if i would actually get to see….  

Sacha Peiris’ WickedEP Racing “Babyzilla” in the flesh.. Heck and did i see it in the face!! It was definitely the best looking Starlet GT.. Hands down!! 

This was a place where a 207hp Dual VVT-i Altezza can meet a 180hp Vtec Civic Ek9 Type R.

Personal experience 🙂  Sit in this office and you will never want to leave!

Thilina Athukorala’s EG Civic.

Chavez’s helmet… Not sure what Venezuela has to do with Australia… But may be Kurt wants to leave SL 😀

Integra DC2 Type R

I bet i saw Kurts EG Hatch move forward when i was about to take this pic… JDM Autobots live among us!!

Virann’s widebody STi 9. One of my Lovable scooby’s out there! But unlike Some People out there… i dont go around *physically kissing* peoples rides 😛

O.G Varma’s EG sedan in the Hood!

I thought it was time Kurt needed a new profile pic of himself… So sneaked a Pic! LOL

Bandiya’s BTL Solution EF Hatch.

Ishan, Sabry Aka Tuner & Kaushalya.


Ruma’s 5 day old Drag weapon 😀

MC’s Ek9

Emdad was asking for a cup of tea 😛

Who said it was wrong to check out a car from behind? No one…

Sometimes cars have the ability to instill fear in you without even doing anything…

RR’s Evo IX has  got a carbon fiber lip & looks damn good with the D & D Performance stickers.

Setting that time…

1st time i got to see RR’s Evo IX Launch “Like a Boss”

Who ever said Redbull gives you wings in SL? shoot!
D & D + EVO’s = Wining Wings

Getting that tail out abit there are we? 😉

Mr. Hu Ka Hang (read it separate) in his Integra DC5 Type R

Ishraq in his Civic FD2 Type R

Mr. Hang gives new meaning to FWD Launch

Janaka M in his Civic FD2 Mugen RR

Ashan Silva from D & D Performance

Godzilla R35 GTR Launches off the line

Someday i hope to shoot an RX7 Fd3s! Someday…..

Just love those lines on Virann’s widebody STi 9!

Jihan’s Evo III blends in with all the tree’s

Shihan’s clean JDM EG sedan

Sithara’s Polo… Just love the way this thing sounds!!

“Yeah ah ha
you know what it is
Black and yellow, black and yellow (X2) Yeah ah ha, you know what it is  everything I do, I do it big
Yeah ah ha, screaming thats nothin when I pulled out of the lot, thats stuntin reppin my town when you see me you know everything
Black and yellow, black and yellow…
Uh, black stripe, yellow paint….. put the pedal once make the floor shake”

Clean and simple is another way of doing it right!

Type R Hangs out with the Mugen RR

Hahaha i felt like the lonely crowd with the cameras until….. He decided to pick up a camera and started snapping away! Must be feeling good to race and take pics at the same event.  Lucky fellow! 🙂

Future tuners inspecting a trusted & proven platform!

Shihan checking his phone to see if it was running Launch Control 😛

Team work always bases itself on friendship… and not on its rewards! ps: cant believe i came up with that lol

Sacha scares Ashan with Toyota Power 😀

The D & D Performance Evo III that went on to win the 4wd open event.

The drags were organizzed by the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) & Carlton Sports Network.

Also a special note of thanks goes out to Andrew Choksy & Sabry Abdul Salam for answering all our drag related queries & helping to spread the updates via facebook before and after the event. A job well done guys!

Let this year help & prepare us for next year! Looking forward to what January has to offer us all 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed it as well!

– Ramien Hodgson

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