Rumesh Rajakulendran’s Fighter EK9 – On The Streets of Colombo

Ever wondered what our Memories & Dreams have in common? Well to you & me there will always be a car/cars that would always bridge the gap. Whether you have seen a car and some day dream to own it, or driven it and some day hope to drive it again… what ever the case is, your love for that car will always be within you as you grow older.

Well for me it was kind of a different story….

It all started when a good friend got his hands on an EK9 and thats when i got the opportunity to drive it. I must say that experience has further helped me in a way to pay attention to how the car behaves on the throttle inputs. After a year or so my friend told me he sold it, as a result that experience became a memory to me. But the words EK9 always stuck on me, i remember there had been times i had wished to drive it all over again on many occasions.

When i started getting to know more people, i noticed that there were a few who did own Honda EK4’s &9’s.  Then it came to the point where i started pursuing photography…

Thats when i started thinking if i had a chance to shoot an EK hatch, how would it be! After a quick call with Rumesh, a shoot day was set!
FYI the car is currently a 100% stock EK9, well for the time being! 😉

I think i have done enough talking.. time to show you on how i used to imagine and finally saw the Ek9 😉

A small break from the shoot…

Playing “chasing the EK9”

The RRR boys represent &

representing Piston Torque 😉

You see something don’t you? 😉

Prasanna & Rumesh reviewing some of the pics that they took

No parking? Yeah right! 😛

So there you have it… one of the few EK9’s that graces the streets of Colombo!

As its being a couple of week since Rumesh took purchase of the EK9, lets wait and see what he has in store for it 🙂 For who knows it might even turn into a meaner street car! Lets cross our fingers on that one!

A big thanks goes out to Rumesh & Prasanna for this opportunity, support & their patience and Janaka for giving the Mugen out early that morning 🙂

– Ramien Hodgson

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