Colombo Night Races 2011 – Just Inches From The Action

The  saying “Experiencing all the good of something & automatically all the bad of it just disappears” has stayed within me for along time… If your wondering why i said such a thing, its because my experience at the Night Races started off on a bad note…  but soon turned to the opposite direction as you see above 🙂

Most of you must have faced the very same thing as i did…

If your wondering how it started on a bad note for me… well hear me out then… From the very moment i purchased the VIP tickets for the stand in front of  Galadari Hotel i expected everything would be all smooth sailing… but as soon as i arrived i found out otherwise. People who were less likely to have tickets had managed to sneak in to those seats and fill the whole area even before tickets started being checked at the entrance.  Sad! with no other choice i had to find my way toward WTC and for some chance a few chairs were found behind two

enormous generators that overlooked the Continental Hotel.  By this time i was still in the “get up and go home mood”.

But that was all changed when the track lights came on and the  smell and sound of…

Burnt rubber filled the surrounding air.

First up on track were the VW  Polo R’s from India.

these diesel (TDI) hatch’s were quick…..  I mean it was the 1st time i ever saw a diesel take a corner that quick in person. 😀

They looked really good out there.

No high revving sounds from them…. just pure mid rev diesel torque!

After running the 20 Lap race they were driven back into the pits in an orderly way.

Just then not far off sounds were heard… sounds that i had only heard on speakers and never in real life…

Yes it was the sounds of Porsche Flat-sixes on non restricted exhausts or open exhausts in the GT event. Above is Dilantha Malagamuwa from Dilango Racing in his  Porsche 997 GT3 Cup.

Along with that his Nissan 350z NISMO Type 380RS was also gracing the race with its V6 glory at 7500rpm.

Lotus Exige with its Toyota heart sounded good! But i feel Lotus should have just stuck a honda K20 in there and called it a day… there are a few good examples of Honda powered Lotus Exiges out there… all you have to do is search youtube and you will be amazed.  🙂

Ah it was really nice to see an Angry Italian Bull in Sri Lanka – if you dont know what that means… google the “Lamborghini Logo” lol

Just inches away from kissing the Porsche…

Bad Bull stamping the power to the ground…. No kidding here! Each time the Porsche’s & the Lamborghini throttled out of the corner… that power could be felt by the ground trembling.

My good friend snapped the Camaro… a very nice shot! So I thought it would be nice to show it to u on how it looked.

At this point i was waiting for the bike to come into the frame

Yes it came!

By now it was 3:00AM & i hadn’t been able to get any proper sleep in the last few days & i finally started feeling the heaviness in my eyes.

I had no choice but to leave….

Leaving was one of the hardest things i had to do because it meant that i had to skip the 2nd best attraction which was the SLGT event, where all Evo’s and STi’s battle it out. 😦

But hey there’s always next year.. So who knows 🙂

A big hand goes out to the organizers, who put all of this together & i am sure all the small issues could be ironed out for a better next year.

Also a big round of applause goes out to all the International Drivers for making the trip down to Sri Lanka and along with our Local Drivers for doing what they all live for… that’s driving with their heart & mind!

Until next time.

– Ramien Hodgson

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