The Green Bavarian – Sam’s BMW E34

While growing up as teenagers into adulthood, we would have at some given point of our lives stopped and thought about the time when we could afford our first car. But when it comes down to reality, depending on how high our dream car is we either end up buying it or settling for something that will just help us getting from point A to B.  As the saying goes “We all want a Ferrari but we end up with a station-wagon”.

Recently my good friend Sam got to fulfill his dream of owning his 1st car.  I will let Sam talk you all through on from here regarding his childhood dream of owning his 1st car.

“I don’t quite know what triggered my love of cars, its really something that has been within me since I can remember. Growing up in England I would always look forward to going out in the family car (A 1989 Honda Accord which remains in our possession). I would never appreciate any toy other than one with wheels, and each model car I had since being a toddler I still have today. The last time I counted how many I had it was over 300!

I always dreamed that the day I turned 18 would be the day I started driving. Predictably that didn’t happen, due to exams and other complications. To tell the truth, I was looking at buying a car long before I turned 18, although one could say that this was “wishful thinking”… Plus our ridiculous tax structure put car ownership out of my reach for quite some time. However, circumstances soon changed and at the age of 18, I was finally able to realize my dream of owning a car.

Actually, throughout my life I was a solid Honda fan. In fact, I would be identified at school as the person who’d decorate his art work with Honda logos and car designs. BMW’s never really appealed to me until, I guess you could say, I started to mature in my thinking and approach to cars.

I wanted something that would stand out, but be timeless in it’s design. That’s something I think the older BM’s have that the newer ones still can’t replicate: A timeless appeal that still looks elegant alongside newer metal. What made me choose the E34 was an article in the December ’08 edition of the Motor Magazine, which featured Mr. Ranjan Alles’ restored 520i. After I saw that I was blown away with the E34’s design and features.

My 518i was far removed from the car that inspired me. But nevertheless, it was an E34 in decent nick, that had something that most cars don’t have: Potential. It took a few days for it to sink in that I’d actually bought my very own car! We’ve had our teething problems, and to be honest, it may not have been the best car to learn to drive in either (big, heavy etc). But slowly but surely the niggles have been worked out, and I’ve been able to learn a lot just by fixing her up, as well as improving my driving skills.

Regard to how long i have owned it… Well we’re into our 4th month now,  and yes she’s taken a bit more out of my pocket than i first envisiged, but the reward is a drive that no Japanese car can compare to, and of course, the admiring glances that the car gets. I made the first modification to her a few weeks back, a set of genuine M-Tech Alloys, which complement the lines perfectly, and give it a stance that not many cars can match. Owning a car approaching two decades in age is never going to be easy, but the satisfaction you get from maintaining it is one that I cannot describe. I said earlier it may not have been the best car to start off with, but if I were to start all over again, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

With regard to future plans…  where do I start? Well mechanically we seem to be fine now, which is why I can finally focus my attention on some modifications. The next step is to get a bodykit sorted out, although I’m in two minds as to what to get, the original M-Tech kit or the Reiger front bumper. The latter is definitely more aggressive, but the former has that period elegance to it. Either way, its not going to be cheap.

Once that’s done, the interior will be polished up, with a new dash, sound system,trim, and if I’m lucky, Leather conversion (I’m holding out for some M5 style electric seats though).

Then finally the engine. The current 518i is pretty good for economy in the traffic of Colombo, but its a heavy car, and needs a bit more shove. Everything from turbocharging to dropping in an S50 from the E36 M3 is being considered. However, as with most things on the list, finances will determine the final outcome of this project. One thing’s for sure, whatever happens, Piston Torque will be there to cover it 😀 ” – Sam

I am pretty sure we all agree with Sam! Whether we have been in that situation or yet to be in it… its one of those memories that will never leave you!

Quite honestly this is the 1st time i have driven a BMW and i must say “these Germans really do know how to get you hooked on to a BMW”

Lets all wish Sam all the very best for his future plans for the car!

Yes we Will be keeping a close watch on the car in the future!

– Ramien Hodgson

5 Replies to “The Green Bavarian – Sam’s BMW E34”

  1. yeah the cover photo is just epic! now my dad’s a fan too lol.. very nice work Ramien! u truly know how to use a camera =D.. and organize a
    very nice layout!

  2. Sam i would have gone with the M5 Mtec body kit cz u know it would not disturb the elegant design of the E34.Man, i just love the car and these Germans know how to make cars to hook up just as u said :D… Recently drove an E30 M3 and it was awesome…

    Wish u good luck with the car 🙂

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