The Piston Meet Feb ’12 – Pistontorque’s 1st Meetup

With every year end comes alot of new year resolutions for almost all of us. Well for me it was to actually “organize my 1st ever car meet up” among my many other resolutions. When it came to selecting an appropriate date to organize my 1st meet, i then realized that this February has been exactly 1 year since i started photographing cars… with that i decided to combine the two and this is are the results.

I wonder if there’s any better way to celebrate this than to get the guest of honor chucked into a trolley….  Thats what happens when a Raptor messes with an Angry Bird 😀

Well then… how did it all start that day?

It all started with us meeting at a very familiar place…. and then off to Urban Kitchen in a well mannered/orderly way.

Raees and I made our way 1st to Urban Kitchen so that i could see each car roll in… 1st up was Sacha from Wicked EP Racing (WEPR) in his Babyzilla.

Then it was Rumesh in his Fighter EK9.

Soon after it was Andrew in his WRX/STi Hybrid ver 7 (No its not that Fuel saving HYBRID).

Right behind him was Clement in his Z32 300ZX.

I was using Raees’ X1 kinda as the media car and it was also part of the meet. Thanks for been a good sport mate 🙂

Time came for the guest of honor Sabry from Raptor Performance to make his appearance….


Emdad dropped in as well

Imran came too in his DC2R “Sir. Noise”

Nothing like a chilled lime juice after launching that boosted trolley….

Ashan too joined in

Seconds before this was taken… these guys had one of the biggest laughs…  I think the joke was on Ruma by the looks of it!

Last years Drag winners WEPR – 2WD class winner & D&D Performance  – 4WD class winner.

Ashan joined the meet in his Evo X

Janaka’s Mugen RR along with the rest of the group

After lunch it was time for a small drive

Zahin too came…

“The boss is coming look busy!”

Who doesn’t like Big Brakes ….

Raees demonstrating Diesel power

I am pretty sure he wasnt in there to try out babyzilla’s new seat 😀 Who knows… he may be considering in investing in a babyzilla spec’d starlet gt…

Imran heard the sound of…….. vtec?


Not really

Shifting at 9000+ rpms = these smiles!

Hearing and seeing this car is an experience…… but wonder what do you call when riding in it?

It was one of the luckiest days for the ice cream guy… We gave him so much business that he told us to give him the empty ice cream wrappers, that he will dispose of them.

So there you have it…. it was definitely a complete day for me!  well if your wondering why? That coz even though the sun was just unforgiving to us all we managed to pull the meet up until past 3pm and from the looks of it everyone just had a blast that day…

I would like to thank all the guys who came that day and made “The Piston Meet” a success & also a big thanks to Sacha and Sabry for working extra hard to bring the 2 cars out that day!  Without all of you guys this wouldn’t have been a success.

The thing about a car meet is that you get to meet various people with various cars. But they all share something in common, whether its enhancing its performance, enhancing its appearance of clean street car look or even doing both at the same time, it is that common ground that unites us all into this culture of living and breathing cars.

With the increase in fuel prices we are left with 2 choices…. 1. sit on a corner and be unhappy for as long as time permits increased fuel prices or 2. in someway or another support and be united with your fellow car buddies, because when they are united they keep our local car culture healthy and happy.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform all our blog readers that from now on there will be a meet up held regularly. You can follow the future meetup updates from our facebook page. Looking forward to seeing you all there the next time!

– Ramien Hodgson

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