The Blue Kick-Boxer – Ishraq Wahab’s 2011 STi Sedan

There’s a very strong saying in the automobile industry that goes by “Pictures don’t do justice to a car unless you see it in person” Well from my personal experience of being in the local car industry for the past couple of  years and in shooting cars for the past 1 year i can clearly tell you that, that saying is definitively true… as i really got to feel the difference from seeing a very new car on paper(pics) and then getting to see it in the flesh.

It was a month or so ago that i happened to stumble on some social media comments that said “Sti 11” and although i had seen the new sti sedan online, those comments sti 11 kind of confused me lol. But after a bit more digging around i found out for real that a 2011 STi was imported into the island… from that very moment i knew i had to check it out! After a few text messages to Javidh Wahab whos STi 9 was featured here, passed the news to his brother Ishraq Wahab…. a few days later i get a message from Ishraq saying he’s “Super excited for the feature”. 😀

So a day was set!

On that particular Saturday waking up at 5am was not an issue at all for me…. Trust me i even woke up before my alarm went off lol…  i guess it was good old motivation’s smacking on the head… kinda reminded me of the days in school 😉

So after meeting Ishraq, we drove to the location that i had thought off for the shoot. While on our way there i find out that he’s only taken delivery of the car just 2 weeks ago. The awesome part about his family is that they come from a strong racing background.. and therefore living and breathing cars was just part and parcel of their lives. I also went on to ask Ishraq who also owns an STi 9, whether there was a big difference with regard to performance between the STi 11 & the 9…

He says the 11 is a total different animal to the 9… the whole suspension geometry of the 11 is completely redesigned, which results in more agility and sharper handling compared to the 9. In terms of engine response it packs a bit more than the 9 and it can even be selected in 3 different modes that i will go on to show you.

Those hips don’t lie 😀

Welcome to the office! Notice anything extra?

As i said above about the engines response could be selected in 3 settings.. notice the SI DRIVE? along with the S#?

The Sport Intelligent Drive system has 3 settings, 1st starting from the I – Intelligent setting which limits the boost pressure from the turbo to 0.5 bar of boost for that economy driving. The 2nd is S – Sport setting which increases boost to 1.4 bar of boost for cruising the highway. Finally there’s the S# – Sport Sharp setting which increases boost to 1.5 bar of boost and at the same time unleashes higher throttle response from the cars electronic throttle unit.

If there was one picture that best describes Ishraq it would definitely be this hands down! Well if he hadn’t come and kept the keys in the car that boxing glove wouldn’t have been in the picture and i wouldn’t have even known the irony of boxing and him 😀

Hmmm…. gauges?

When i saw this i tried to imagine what he would be thinking? maybe “Ahhh how long is this shoot gonna take”  hehe 😉
No really He’s a great guy, very friendly and down to earth!

Loving the gauges!

Wonder whats that at the back?

Its Ishraqs Princess’s little racing seat with complete Takata harness 😉

Wheels up front are Volk Racing RE30 in 18″ in diameter wrapped with Yokohama Advan Neova AD06 measuring 245/40/R18

& again at the rear are Volk Racing RE30 in 18″ in diameter wrapped with Yokohama Advan Neova AD06 measuring 245/40/R18

Jumped into a 3 wheeler to get this shot… lol. 1 of the 2 shots i got…  Seeing this through my camera’s view finder was one of the best things i have ever seen through it!

Hi there!

She saw the car coming her way and thought this way: “That Blue beast is coming this way… Going to still cross the road.. Challenge accepted!”

Well this is the 2nd and final shot i got from the 3 wheeler… i didn’t wanna go ahead and get anymore shots as i managed to make the 3 wheeler driver pissd lol.. XD

So then if you were ever to see Ishraq cruise the streets of colombo, make sure to put a wave! Why? Well lets just say that he isnt just any petrol head but he is “A true petrol head” with an awesome attitude.

I would like to thank Ishraq for giving me the opportunity to shoot his “Blue Kick-Boxer”.
Finally a big thanks goes out to  Javidh for appreciating my work and recommending it to Ishraq 🙂

Well then with regard to that saying “Pictures don’t do justice to a car unless you see it in person”…. i hope i have done justice to the car! Why not first check the car out?

You decide if justice is served or not 😉

– Ramien Hodgson

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