Rodbot’s Caged EK9 – Bringing a Race Car out to play on the Street

We all have heard the statement “we will always remember our first crush”. If i was to take that statement and put it into the life of a petrol head, it would then obviously mean a car. By now you probably know that EK9’s and Me have a sort of history.

If your wondering whats so special about this EK9 to me other than its Normal Aspirated Numbers or its power to weight ratio or its driving dynamics, then let me just tell you : When i turned 18 this car right here was the 1st performance car i drove thanks to my friend who bought it back then. It was the 1st time i felt Vtec kick in at 6000rpm. This was the car that taught me the meaning of simple and functional factory modifications . It also prevented my mind from going rice boy crazy when i took a peek at the world of aftermarket tuning.  This car right here is my master! Each time i see it i appreciate Honda for making its 1st fwd car to carry the Type R badge.

The last time i saw this car was back in 2007. Ever since then it was locked away…. until recently when the car came up for sale and Rodney aka Rodbot got his hands on it.


Rodney is no usual guy when it comes to cars. He is one of the guys who had the guts to buy an auto box 4 door Honda Integra DB8 and pull out its D15 1.5L heart and nerves and replace them with the ITR’s B18c  motor and tranny…. thus following the statement of “built and not bought.” He then replaced the Integra with an EK9, after a while of using it a friend of his was looking for one for track duty… hence he sold it and decided to use a normal EK3. A few months down the line an Iconic EK9 type R decided to come out of the dark and into the light and Rodney just went ahead and got it. If your wondering why this car is iconic, thats because it too was a hero back in its racing days… It went on to win a few championships in its class.

Ever since the inception of pistontorque, rodney has always been a strong follower of  the blog. Back then we tried our level best to meet up for a shoot when he owned his previous EK9, but failed due to our busy schedules. When he got his hands on this particular car we knew he had to sacrifice an arm and a leg to get the shoot done lol.

For those fans of B&W pics… this is for you all 🙂

A public holiday… empty roads… and a CTR…. What more would you want?

Rolling with the sun…

Rodney started to feel like Jason Statham from The Transporter here…. too bad no one called him to deliver a parcel. 😀

The office where all the choices are made….. hit Vtec yes or no? Shift @ 9000rpm yes or no?

The joy of up shifting or downshifting is felt from this…. Just one of the tools that makes you feel 100% connected to the car.

Just like any other Japanese car this came with a limiter to 180. That limiter was soon removed after the car was imported and soon the car was doing a little over 190.
Now the car is running with an Emanage Blue so i m guessing its putting out abit more than that factory quoted power figure of 185bhp.

Those original factory seats in this car was a match made in heaven

To drive or not to drive?

Wicked EP Racing & Raptor Performance represent.

Rodbot then heard a voice tell him that….

… he should be cruising the streets along with that right peddle happy foot. 1st gear at the red lights….. green go… foot down… 8500rpm! shift 2nd…. foot down *Wheelspins* the feeling of being hit by Thor’s Hammer.

Rodbot himself along with his weapon of choice

The glory of the B16b should be felt to be believed.

He’s at it again…. flooring it….

Thats what Championship White looks like in a dark parking spot.

Black 15″ Enkei wheels on this car add’s alot towards it presence.

Why a bit of Negative camber in the front? Coz EK9.

Yeaaaah….. the 2nd Ek9 to run with a pistontorque sticker 🙂

Breaking the silence in Colombo that morning.

Car loves posing no?


^^We tried recording a video clip from inside the car as well but unfortunately the mounting device didnt allow for the audio to be recorded. But we will be uploading a video of the ride along minus the sound. So keep an eye out for it on the FB page 🙂 ^^

A big thanks to Rodney for allowing us to shoot his EK9 that morning! plus for been a good sport for allowing me to get behind the wheel of this iconic car (the camera battery died when i got behind it) 😦

– Ramien

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