Below The Radar – One Clean Silver STi

They say getting the right type of attention from the right type of people ends with satisfaction. But get that wrong type of attention and you’l end up stiring up a hornets nest. In this case Gihans Ver 9 STi seems to be doing very well at getting the right type of attention from the right type of people, as it has been getting lots of thumbs up from the local Subaru owners & enthusiasts.

It was last month where i happened to hear a very distinctive sound being emitted… the sounds of equal length headers and then this silver ghost appeared in the dark… Fast forward few weeks ago and i was up at 5AM on a Saturday and then rode shot gun in this at 5:45AM on the calm Colombo suburb streets…  My plan was to capture this just as the sun was revealing its morning rays.

Gihan has been a big Subaru fan for a while now. Eversince he purchased his manual B4 RSK, he knew he was hooked to Boxer for life.. so he walked the path that Fuji heavy industries set before him.  Early this year he said bye to the B4 and got the keys to this standard STi ver 9 courtesy of BRJW. Eversince purchase he had the picture of the Spec C RA-R in his head, and a bit of shopping was done to get his standard 9 to be looking like that Spec C RA-R in his mind.

He managed to source these BBS 18″ wheels which has a deeper dish to that of the Spec C’s and…

removed those STi stickers on the side and on the front bumper fog covers. He was also able to source the rear Spec C spoiler to give it that stealthy look.

I can’t stop but admire the wheel and tyre fitment.

3 inches of  pure Blitz Nur Spec exhaust goodness

While we were on our way i asked Gihan his future plans for the car, he said he’s got the car to where he always wanted it to be and wont be touching it to squeeze more power, as he enjoys the factory torque on a daily basis to work. I agree with him… you can never use those top end horsepower on our local roads specially in peak traffic.. what matters is the lowdown torque that helps you whiz in and out of traffic, and a factory tuned STi has got plenty of it….

get the idea of torque now?

If all offices offered their employee’s this office to work from.  No gauges or timers… Simply simplicity at its best…

Known for its strength… the STi Six speed box is every previous gen Subaru owners dream…

Notice the Deeper dish?

That’s one intimidating face.. Hands down!

I even taught Gihan some photography stances &…….

…… techniques to get….

….. Something like this 🙂

I personally like this badge as been the only indication in the front that this car is an STi.

Those iconic yellow brembo’s…

One of the tools that helps it stay below the radar.

Do you have its attention? if not then….

This might set it off!

Coffee Bean invented Ice Blended Ice Coffee might be genius… but Gihan & his Ver 9 is ingenious (Adjective: Of a person – Clever, original, and inventive. Of a machine or idea – Cleverly and originally devised and well suited to its purpose.)

A big thanks to Gihan for this opportunity and time set off to capture his pride and joy! Hope you all enjoyed it as well.

OK i need a coffee!

– Ramien

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