A Sudden Meet Up & A Bid Farewell

A few days ago a message was sent out from a village far far away in Ja-ela for a sudden BMW meet up.. more like a farewell to an E34 known to many in the Bavarian Alternative Club.

Sam put out a call to meet up with a few close friends from the Bavarian Alternative club to bid farewell to Yuhaan’s E34. It was just a few who agreed as Saturday was a poya and this is what happened.

Yuhaan’s E34.. Sam goes goo goo gaga at

that rough red paint.

Sam’s new E34. Yup he changed cars.. Managed to get a good deal on this so swapped the previous one for this with abit more power and an additional 2 cylinders.

Everyone’s waiting for an entrance…. Oh wait he’s getting late….

Will Yuhaan shed a tear once this is gone? lol.. We guess!

Inside view of it.

All eyes on?

Still waiting…….

Ah yes Dominic finally arrived in his white E34… and soon Mike dropped in after a family trip in his newly acquired e36 325…… and

a heated debate rose regarding the difference of 500cc…. e34 520 vs e34 525! 😛

After a quick refill of refreshments

It was time to hit the road….

Yuhaan chasing Mike’s 325

Dominic cruising

Sam in his 520

Its not always you get to see cars like this roll in at night on the streets of colombo. But when you do… make sure you dont blink!

Would like to thank all the guys who came out last evening! Hope you liked the above!

Until next time.

– Ramien

3 Replies to “A Sudden Meet Up & A Bid Farewell”

  1. i don’t know how these people in BMW make these cars so elegant.. They look elegant even after 2 decades than these brand new Japanese cars… 🙂

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