J’s Racing Tuned FD2-R – Muzahir’s Weekend Weapon


As we are celebrating our second year meetup today, I thought it will be fitting to release this feature at our meet.

The car above you see belongs to a good friend of ours, Muzahir. I remember him a few years ago when he used to own a Civic ES RS, fondly remember the part when He and a few mates of his came to pick up a set of Wheels from a friend of mine, and they all ended up carrying 2 wheels in the boot and 2 wheels on the laps of 3 of his mates in rear seat (Tight Fit) They complained of body aches the next day 🙂

Anyway, Muzahir has always been a Civic Nut, so from a RS to Type R is definitely a big feat.


He just loves his car just like many of us.. While on the shoot i noticed his eye for detail.
Notice the Mugen Lip? Talk about eye for detail. We infact were shooting in the same area of the JDM embassy with a very JDM car… saw a few Jap nationals passing by giving the sign of approval.


In fact this is the only Blue FD2 Type R in the country.


This just oozes with character.


Time to hit the road


sound 🙂


Looks smooth and feels smooth… always had a thing for aluminium gear knobs. But then again that probably got rubbed off on me from the EK9.. Ah guilty!


Muzahir’s office on the weekend… and well late nights lol


Got tons of support courtesy of Recaro, that are specially made for the FD2 R from the factory


Watcha looking at Punk? 😛


Wheels and tyres check… as this is an R you gotta remember that from factory this car was built with light weight in mind.. therefore wheels are one of the areas they looked at when building it. Plus the body is supposedly built 50% more rigid than the DC5. Gotta ask the racing drivers about their experience in the DC5 and the FD2R.


Then theres the motor… The K20A puts out 225 horses.. But


this particular R has received the J’s Racing treatment when it was all the back in JDM land..  therefore the car is putting out much more than that!


I spy with my eye… Carbon kevlar Airbox courtesy of J’s Racing 😀


One of those clean engines that you could just eat off it.


Brembo’s FTW




Now thats what i like.


Blue, Red and Dark Silver.. the colors of awesomeness!

A big thanks goes out to Muzahir on allowing me to feature his car, also a special thanks goes out Sathish for helping out that evening 🙂

– Ramien

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