Four Ringed Stealth Runner – The Audi A6 C7


When you think of Audi what comes to your mind? To me it was their Group B monster of the Quattro S1 and despite all the odd’s the guys at Audi  stepped into unknown territory and came forth victories on many occasions in the world of motorsports. Just like all other auto manufactures Audi too has a very strong history, and it was that history that continued on into all their newer designs.
Now enough with the history lesson.

Well then most of you all would have remembered the A6 above with those Lights from the Night races back in 2011.. Well i certainly remeber but unfortunately my camera doesnt, reseaon because each time i was on that tight corner of the track this thing would always come sneak up behind me and whizz pass by without a even a sound.. i was alway off guard in taking a pic of it. In saying that, it was also quite quick for its size.. hence i called it the stealth runner.  Since the night races I knew I had to dig deeper and find out what made this car tick the right boxes in me.


Then finally a day was set up and I got the opportunity to shoot it… To me this was special as it was my 1st time shooting an Audi  and it was also my 1st time shooting a brand new car. 🙂


One of the things I like about this runner was that of its interior.. unlike some cars on this same class, non of the buttons or knobs looked or felt cluttered. Whether your on the driver seat or on the passenger seat, everything is just within reach.
IMG_4416See what i mean. I will advice anyone who gets the chance to be in here… Just get a feel of the dashboard and see for themselves the craftmanship thats been gone in making this the 2nd best thing to be in than home.
IMG_4427If your a family guy, dont worry the ever so famous AC wars are over! Thanks to the 4 zone AC that gives individualist cooling to everyone.
IMG_4411To some guys, letting their better half take the wheel of their pride and joy is something of  great concern, as they feel parking is their greatest night mare. This would probably be a brownie point for those ladies who always wanted to drive their boy friends or husbands car (given that its an Audi) for along time.. The Parking Aid will definitely be their mediator 😀
IMG_4414If you wondering where the fun part in driving this car is.. well then prepare yourselves for
1The Audi Drive Select. Getting there is easy, simply by pressing the Car Button gets you to the Audi Drive Select Menu. Once there you have 4 options of choosing from. Comfort mode gives the car a very soft suspension for those uneven bumpy roads, the and the steering wheel gets light and at the same time the engine gets on to economy mode whilst the ratios of the gearbox changes for low RPM gear changes as low as 1500-2000rpm. The Auto mode will allow the computer to adjust the suspension, steering, engine and gearbox according to the way you drive. Then comes the fun part which is the Dynamic mode, on this mode you get a stiffer suspension which is ideal for cornering on say a track, the steering wheel gets stiffer which boosts the confidence level of the driver, and the engine would become a different animal by taking full use of the Audi Valve lift system plus a little extra boost pressure from its turbo. In addition the ratios of the gearbox changes for  higher RPM gearchanges. Finally you are left with the individual mode, on this mode you get to customize the toy the way you like it 🙂
IMG_4410Yes the multifunction steering with the paddle shift is standard… see the button with a head and 3 wave bars? Thats the voice control system, simply press that and command the car to dial a call for you courtesy of a built in bluetooth interface, change to a different radio station or get to the Drive select menu and so on.
IMG_4417for those audio lovers, your probably wondering whats going to put out the audio punch? Not to worry as Bose has come onboard with 12 Speakers to give you that feeling of a music studio in your incar entertainment system. You can even plug in your I Device (Ipad, Iphone or Ipod) on to the system and listen away to those tunes.
IMG_4438AC wars and leg space wars are over. With the balance 3rd and 4th zone AC controls and the more than adequate leg space that is made available thanks to a newly designed chassis.
IMG_4423One more look of the front office.
IMG_4384Lets step outside shall we?
IMG_4337With a face like that you cant seem to stop staring!

IMG_4444In the engine department.. the performance is been taken care of by Audi’s 2.0L turbo charged motor.. these engines are known for their strength and durability and to give you a rough idea how strong they are, they have been known to take double their power with the right given mods such as bigger injectors, bigger intercooler and turbo, and a retune.  But we are talking of factory power here and with its 180BHP and 320 Nm of torque is more than enough on our roads which includes abit of fun on the highway. As i have always said.. its not all about top end power that matters the most, instead its about how you get to that power via a nice big punch of  torque and then its how that power is put down on the road.
IMG_4450Thats what its turbo looks like. IMG_4390Those wheels
IMG_4392are from Quattro Gmbh. Measuring at 19″ and wrapped in 255/40 Pirelli rubber it ensures there’s plenty of grip on hand.
IMG_4345Hows that for a pose?
IMG_4373When this C7 platform of the A6 was released it received alot of praise from the media. One of the highights of this car is that of its design where everything just flows with smoothness. Another highlight as mentioned earlier, was that of its newly designed chassis which is made using a hybrid combination of Aluminium and steel. This makes the A6 much lighter than its predessor and ensures better performance from the get go along with better fuel economy.
IMG_4326Now thats how it looks cruising on the road
IMG_4494Seeing something like this in the rear view mirror is definitely going to be intimidating.

So there you have it, Audi’s latest and greatest A6 ever made. Seeing this is abit of a rare sight on our roads and when you do get the chance to see it, we suggest you to take a deep breath 🙂

Feel free to stop by the Audi showroom to see this in person and may be have a test drive, or you can get further details via their Audi Sri Lanka facebook page.

A big thanks to them for letting me feature their prized possesion.

Until next time!

– Ramien

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