Porsche Cayenne S – The German Brute

IMG_8120When the name Porsche is mentioned what comes to your mind? the famous 911? Carrera? Turbo? GT2 RS? GT3 RS?
Well they are all iconic machines, that give you the pleasure for a weekend blast.

But what happens if your a family guy that always wanted to have a Porsche as your daily driver, that also gave you good ground clearance along with enough boot to chuck in plenty of luggage?

Enter the Porsche Cayenne S.

IMG_8020The Cayenne  has been around us for sometime… but in plain disguise a standard Cayenne doesn’t do justice to Porsche’s design for that matter or what lies beneath the hood. But what happens if you pack the proper tools under the hood and then decide to complement the exterior? For my friend Jaikishen and his Dad that was the case.

They managed to source the Cayenne S that has the brute of a V8 which displaces at 4.8L that doesn’t rely on force induction for that matter to churn out 385hp and 500 N·m of torque along with a full GTS kit and Porsche’s 21″ Wheels .

Once It arrived into the country they had more reason to be proud that there was the performance and the looks that went hand in hand.
IMG_8022That simple Interior that tells you that your in a Porsche.

IMG_8035I liked the emblem of the seats.

IMG_8034They also give you enough of grip to your spine when taking those hard corners.

IMG_8028We couldnt help but listen to Kiss fm at 7 in the morning that day lol

IMG_8140Yes its got all the goodies from Porsche to help it take corners as flat as possible… i was shocked at how well planted the body was and how well gripped it was after sport mode and PDCC ( Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) was enabled. PASM (Porsche Air Suspension Management system) was also included.

IMG_8010Porsche 21″ wheels wrapped in 295/35/R 21 Yokohama rubber on all 4 corners help give it that mean muscular look.
IMG_8054The size of the Brake discs and calipers exceed the size of a normal size rim.
IMG_8067I couldn’t stop staring at this engine.. for the way it looks… and for the torque it puts out without turbos. Plus the way it delivers that torque when the right foot is kicked down.
IMG_8083Part of the GTS kit was the rear bumper with the quad exhaust outlets. Sure makes it sound different!
IMG_8090Now thats a nice looking exhaust
IMG_8120Personally i still prefer this design over the new cayenne design. But that’s just my opinion.


When it starts moving… It really moves. For an SUV of this size and performance a 6 sec to 0 – 100kmph is all decent.

IMG_8138I would like to thank Jaikishen and his dad for the opportunity to shoot this beautiful specimen of a Porsche Cayenne S.

– Ramien

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