On Board With WickedEP Racing – At The Drags On An Air Strip 2013


A few weeks back I was asked by WickedEPRacing – The guys who are known to build some of the fastest Starlets the universe has ever seen, to join them at the 2013 Drags which was going to be held at the Katukurunda Air Strip. My immediate response was “Yes for sure”.

IMG_8818Waking at 3AM that Sunday morning was not that hard…  then went straight to WEPR’s shop and after meeting some known faces, we all got moving at 4:30AM.
Above we were joined by Mahen in his Suzuki Alto running a turbo kit from WEPR, who was having a blast with a heavy right foot.


Once we got there I was amazed to see just how much work has gone into Sacha’s Babyzilla or you could say WEPR’s Demo Car. This EP82 was going run in the 2WD open event. Which meant it was up against some serious Nissan competition. From a big single turbo Nissan Skyline GTST, Twin turbo 350z to a Quick Nissan 180SX.

IMG_8824Janaka M’s Mugen RR was also been entered into the 1600-2200cc Category.
IMG_8834Team WEPR pushes their Babyzilla into their tent.
Now that’s a familiar sight.. Nuzaf’s running his STi 9 Wingless and sporting a front mount intercooler upgrade.
IMG_8840Just look at her stand there 🙂
Here’s a closer look at her.

IMG_8849Time for some different new shoes.. courtesy of Hoosier Drag Tyres to put all that power down on to the strip.
IMG_8850Upfront was a TRS Tow Strap.. just in case if something were to go wrong.
IMG_8855Then I had a peek into Mahens Alto. Looks very clean! Mahen you owe me a ride soon 😛IMG_8856Nuzaf’s wheels and tyres been rolled in. IMG_8857Sabry from Raptor Performance knew he had his work all cut out that day, but that didn’t prevent him from been overly happy!
IMG_8860It was a must on Babyzilla!
IMG_8862Is it me or does it all feel like a dream? Personally the Comfy Heaven sticker looks very soothing… wonder if that sticker would make its competitors all fall asleep 😀
IMG_8863How about that top mount exhaust outlet? Now thats serious right there.
IMG_8865The GTM Tuned Twin Turbo Fairlady Z
IMG_8866Now that’s what neatness looks like. Exhaust on right and Wastgate on left.
Times call for a serious face at times 😛

IMG_8877Raptor Performance X Upsidedown X WEPR X Rapid Rev Racing X B.R.J.W X APS Represent.

IMG_8879A certain Primera owner
IMG_8880Sacha test fitting his harness to ensure everything is in check.
IMG_8884WEPR fabricated a straight through twin side exit exhausts.
IMG_8885This shot was taken when the crowd eased off from the Raptor Performance X WEPR tent.
IMG_8886Then it was the drivers briefing… Which enabled us to see if any of them were paying close attention. Rodbot above still cries after selling his EK9 😛
IMG_8887Sacha decided to practice his game face! 😛
IMG_8888While some decided to pose? hehe
IMG_8889Saajidh recently upgraded his ride to something less 2cylinders but comes with a turbo. Lets meet soon!

Briefing still going on

Andrew planning his line of attack.
IMG_8893“Aha Black & yellow” was playing in the distance 🙂

Interior check.

IMG_8900Mahens well stanced + Raptor Tuned + WEPR turboed Alto making the run.
IMG_8904Nuzaf making the run.
IMG_8913Rumesh and Prasanna and all of us were curious to see how
IMG_8918The little babyzilla with a big heart would run.
The Zee making the run

IMG_8921Finally Babyzilla made its final pass against the 180sx and went on to win the 2WD open event.
IMG_8942We then made a looooong walk to the Award ceremony 500m’s away and decided to wait patiently.
IMG_8956Sacha’s name was mentioned as the 2WD open class winner and….
IMG_8958the whole WEPR, Raptor Performance & Rapid Rev Racing crew cheered on!IMG_8959The Raptor Performance boys were over the moon that they thought they were in a horse carriage been pulled by 2 invisible horses 😀
IMG_8962Prasanna got a shock of his life to see them on the bonnet  🙂IMG_8966That’s what the Raptor Performance, WEPR and Rapid Rev Racing team looks like. IMG_8969Thumbs up!
IMG_8971Victory kiss haha 😀
IMG_8972The other posers 🙂
IMG_8982Rolling out.

IMG_8941Rumesh and Prasanna even managed to get a Professional Japanese Portrait photographer to come for the drags.

Now that’s what blood sweat and tears finally brings.. Victory with all smiles.


A round of applause to Sacha and Babyzilla for winning the 2WD open class!

A big thanks goes out to Sacha from WEPR, the Raptor Performance crew and the Rapid Rev Racing crew for this opportunity. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Till next time.

– Ramien

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