Daily Driven IV – Sathish’s Evolution IV

Having a modified car has always had its challenges, whether its a small issue or a big issue. But one thing I have always seen is that amidst all those challenging times and situations they all settle down at some point and its at that point can the owner actually detox as it were from all the drama by simply doing one thing.. Driving!

Each time you put your left foot down and down shift and then your right foot down.. all your issues and problems just disappear and you end up having this massive grin on your face.
They say if life pushes you down you just got to stand up and that was exactly the case with Sathish who happens to be the lucky owner of this Evolution IV, He faced the typical dilemma all modified car guys face and thankfully he fought strong and has stood the test of time thanks to a lot of friends who’ve had his back during his low and got this IV to what it is today 🙂

I have been wanting to shoot this IV for a good couple of years and each time he would say “Gimme some more time bro I need her to be at a certain point before you can do your thing”.

A week ago He finally kept to his promise and said yes. When I saw her after all this time.. she was so much different compared to when I initially saw her. All in the good ways 🙂
First thing caught my eye was the stance and those wheels!

Measuring at 9.5″ wide these forged 17″ TE37’s makes this IV look mean.

Something that Sathish used to face earlier was ride height and finally that issue paid off courtesy of a set of D2 coilovers.

See what I meant by that tough look? You cannot go wrong with the 90’s designs 🙂 When I was a kid when the term rally car was used.. this is the face that used to come to my mind. Although I am a Subaru guy I still love the Evo! If you asked me why well they were simply made to compliment each other on the rally stage and on the road 🙂

When Sathish was doing this IV up he looked for alot of inspiration on the web and thats where he saw this particular Evolution IV in a stunning red and thats what hit him to go for the colour you see before you. You got it right my friend! Well i’m not the only one who said so to Sathish… so did the owner of this inspiration car. Nothing like getting complimented from the owner of the car that inspired you to build yours 🙂

Loving the Voltex inspired splitter fins.

The car is all standard except for a forged radiator and piping and a works engineering bov.

Those D2 coilover struts

The legendary 4G63

The interior retains all the standard bits like the Momo wheel

The interior is in good shape.. Sathish makes sure that is the case always

Love the smoked headlights. It certainly strikes a contrast between the red shade and the headlights
#evosocietysl on Insta is what Sathish has created

Trust me i did not ask him to pose here… he is all natural 😛

Some detail on the wheels

Now thats better 🙂

This pic looks familiar 😛

Sathish wanted to go down memory lane and wanted a pic taken in front of his school.. Now thats a nice way of reliving memories 🙂


Thank you Sathish for finally saying yes 🙂 LOL Please dont stop driving but keep fighting on like many do my friend! Who knows someones sure to look to you for inspiration.

– Ramien

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