Blitz K24 Turbo-ed Starlet GT – Made From Childhood Dreams

If your a car guy or girl there would have been a point in your life where you were influenced by something so much that you needed to have it no matter what, even if you didn’t know anything about it. It all becomes a battle of the human want vs need.

Enter Raveen who was in his teens back in 2004 and past him goes a screaming starlet ep82 GT (as above) making all the right bells and whistles and putting all the power down. This was no ordinary Starlet GT, it was in fact WickedEP’s Babyzilla that flew past him and although Raveen didn’t know too much about it He knew he just needed to have one like that.

So in 2009 he finally got one and began building and modding it along the years whilst learning about aftermarket parts and tuning. He learnt the definition of torque steer too thanks to a lot of power that was sent to the front wheels while modding it in quest of making it faster over the years.
So fast forward today and Raveen has owned it for the past 7 years.

He has gone on to build not only a neck bending inner and outer GT but also a winner

What your looking at here is a “Up to 1600 turbo open” event winner at the Drags @ Katu. Not once but Three times. The best part is its not even running the well known 5E head swap instead it retains the 4E-FTE making its standard capacity of 1300cc but with forged internals. This car has taken on some of the best 5E swaped starlets in the country. Therefore Raveen has alot to be proud of and you would expect someone like him to be up in the air. But let me tell you, I have known him for the past 5 years and he’s a super down to earth guy always comes up to you and chats.

I love the touch of the standard GT strut bar painted in lime green
Tial 38mm external waste gate for that boost scream

Cusco oil catch can with breather

You will find a full spec list of the cars set up below. Plus you will notice the D&D Performance painted cam cover in their signature color.

Samco hoses keep all liquids and cooling in check

That sticker is not for just show for it has all the go 🙂


There’s an AVCR and defi gauges to monitor all the temps and pressures.


The car sits on Tein Super Streets on all four corners
You cant stick a shoe in there.. luckily i wore sandals and it passed the height test 😀
The wheels are Rotas and are wrapped in 195/50/R15 rubber
Love the Lime green rear strut brace. There’s also a WickedEP Racing exhaust that gives this GT a unique tone.

Rear diffuser FTW!

If ever you see Raveen cruising your definitely going to see his right hand outta the car 😀


Cold air is sucked in via a blackend Front mount inter cooler off an Evolution VI. Blaack!
The car is now running street duty with full interior and AC but was on a strict diet at the drags.
So there you go.. a clean white 90’s jdm hothatch that has evolved over the years

and has accomplished alot for itself and taught the owner a wealth of knowledge and has made Sri Lanka its home for ever 🙂

The icing on the cake… In case you were wondering if he will sell it 🙂
You cant buy accomplishments with money.. you got to earn it.. and  the best way to do it is to build it.

A big thumbs up to Raveen and his GT.

– Ramien

Specs :

Toyota 4E-FTE 1300cc
Wiseco Pistons
Scat Rods
WickedEP Racing exhaust
WickedEP Racing manifold
Greddy Ultimate ECU
Exedy 3 puk clutch kit
Stock Plug wires
Iriway 9 Plugs
Apexi AVCR
Tial 38mm EWG
Blitz K24 Turbine
Lancer Evolution VI FMIC

Tein Super Streets Coilovers
15″ Rota’s

Tuned by Ashan D&D Performance
Bodywork by Platinum Auto Spa

5 Replies to “Blitz K24 Turbo-ed Starlet GT – Made From Childhood Dreams”

  1. Amazing work, a true definition of a petrol head both in you Ramien and Raveen. Here’s to you guys who think out of the box and make life more exciting. Well built blog, keep up the good work Ramien. Looking forward to more exciting and enlightening posts.


    Thomas Francis,
    Vancouver – Canada

  2. Nicely bit of article by the writer.
    I remember seeing this car for the first time in Jan 2012, With its black wheels and same white and clean interior and exterior. Glad to see the car evolve throughout the years. All the very best to you Raveen! ;)) Keep on spooling.


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