Spec C -Evolving From Great To Greater

Have you ever been the one who had your eye on a particular special car for a while and knew its true potential and then when the chance arose quickly jumped at it to seal the deal? Well that was same case with Salman, who eyed this car for a good 3 years when he used to roll in a pretty quick Hybrid HONDA 🙂

Ok enough Honda or else the Scooby boys will start making Chinese eyes 😛 Moving on, as I was saying during the time when Salman was eyeing this Impreza STI Spec C  which was  neglected by its owner at the time did he realize its true potential.

He knew he had to have it after he drove the previous version Impreza STI Type RA-R for 2 days thanks to his cousin. It was the smooth and strong 6 speed that got him glued.
Once He acquired the car he had a vision which was to complete the car in stages and enjoy every bit of it.

First up was to smooth en the rough edges from its previous owner such as refinishing the wheels and fitting new tyres.
Then came ACL Race Bearings to toughen the engine up and an Exedy Stage 1 Clutch to keep up with the 6 Speed.
Next was a GFB Blow Off and a GFB Electronic Boost Controller which is praised by many for its accuracy and tolerance.

Then it was a 3″ WEPR Piping with Cosworth Quad Exhaust’s for that scream.
The car retains the standard STI Tuned suspension specifically for the Spec C

Samco Turbo and Intercooler hoses were added as well.

A carbon hood was sourced from Japan since the old one was not up to standard.

One thing that you enjoy in this car is how smooth it is.. Trust me it is that 6 speed!


Hearing this car scream on the revs with boost and see the tacho reach redline is something difficult for the mind to comprehend. But then again thats why Subaru developed it.. to be subtle on the road for the family and then flick the switch and it will eat apexes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus with a midnight snack.

Theres the culprit again.. the cause of all smiles 🙂


These Subaru gauges aren’t standard, they have to be ordered.

The GFB Electronic Boost Controller as i mentioned earlier.

The Subaru Boost gauge is also an add-on which has to be ordered.

The controls for the center diff and the drive mode all electronically controlled.

These seats serve you both, to keep you comfortable as well as in place on the track

See 🙂
Japan represent


STI 6Pots on the 114.3 PCD hubs

Rear STI 2Pots

Nothing like having the sun rise on it which happens to be a Subaru and specifically an STI and more specifically a Spec C.

As for future plans for Salman, he plans on adding the WRC spec spoiler on the rear,

Forged internals on the engine, Aftermarket ECU and Aftermarket suspension.

On a side note, years ago I used to see this car on a few occasions and used to wonder how could one not take care of such a beautiful car and I just hoped that it would go into the right hands someday.

So there you have it, It finally did!

Although with a bit of a rough past its now shinning even brighter.

A big thanks to Salman.
– Ramien

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