Clean As White With A Strong Tinge Of Red – One Clean WRX


Its 5pm and we arrived to shoot this version 8 wrx at a secret location in Florida..
Uh I mean Colombo.. sorry certain parts in Colombo are quite beautiful in case you woke up from sleeping under a rock all this while.

Well lets get to the Cars then shall we? For a long time I have been looking to shoot a clean stock engined wrx specifically a blob eye. It’s quite the challenge to find one that hasn’t had its heart modded in some way or the other. No I am not saying modding its motor is a bad thing!
But sometimes you have to enjoy factory power to understand where it all began from.


Yes I meant heart modded and not visually modded.

The first thing that hits you is the contrasting wheels in red and personally I think a white blob eye is the only one that can pull it off, in fact it kinda reminds me of Ashards white blob eye rocketship when he used to run red wheels.


See what I mean. IMG_6292

Here’s the engine bay I wanted to show you all. Yes culinary professionals may consider serving their dishes on it since its that clean.


Oil Cap, oil dip stick cover, cam cover, cam cover bolts,


Wires, Throttle cable mechanism and its nuts and bolts


are factory clean!


Brake master reservoir, well you rarely see them clean.. this is clean.



Zero sports cooling panel certainly helps to direct the air directly into the radiator instead of above it into the engine bay.

In case your wondering yes it is on factory suspension courtesy of sti red shocks and standard springs.IMG_6273

The sound department is from factory and is Subaru quiet with the hints of the famous burble been heard in an undertone.


I will say it again a white blob eye can pull off the red and white combo.


As I type this trust me.. this car has given me a lot of ideas of how I should prepare that old engine bay of mine. Slowly but surely.


I hope this car inspires you all like it did for me.

A big thanks to Raveen for bringing this clean stock car.


Hope you all have a splendid weekend with a high dose of fuel.
Ps: Atleast try not to burn you house down 😛

– Ramien

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