Product Test – Injection Cleaner


After been dailying the RS for a year after having it sort of restored (better than how it used to be) we hit a few bumps on the way. One of them been failing ignition coils which has greatly reduced the smoothness the car used to have back then and hesitation has got bad.

So I set out a plan before sorting the ignition coils was to give the fuel system a good clean and then take things from there.

A bit of reading was done on the cleaners out there and then a shout out to our good friend Saajidh Aka “Casper” from Powerhouse Automotive who reconfirmed our choice on Liqui Moly’s Injection Cleaner and suggested to give it a try.


Shortly good guy Casper brought us the little package over a certain bbq which ended up in a little too much fire. Anyway as suggested I topped up the RS tank to around 30L and poured all the Liqui Moly goodness in as well one morning on the way to work.

That evening when I started the car I noticed a sense of smoothness I have not felt in a while.. yup its working. After a bit of boosting on the way back home I began to understand that this concoction was doing its work and response was improving. I can imagine all that gunk in the pump, injectors, injector rails and valves all been cleaned.

Next up is some throttle body cleaner. Might have to have another bbq to collect our second package and this time have the fire department on stand by as well.


A big shout to Powerhouse for sorting this out.



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