An MKII Golf – With Love From Dad To Son


There may have been a time for some of us when we have been on a journey somewhere and all of a sudden we spot a car out of the blues by the side of the road covered in dust. The first few thoughts our mind is able to process in that instant would most probably be “that’s very familiar, isn’t that the car I’ve admired when I was younger?”. The very next moment we are out there inquiring about it and finding out if its for sale.


This was the case for a particular gentleman who had a picture snapped of him standing next to a Golf. Years later when driving through the Sri Lankan countryside he spots a red golf at a workshop by the side of the road been attended to by mechanics. Upon closer inspection the car looked quite in good condition and he inquired if he could have the details of the owner the car belonged to. Moments later this gentleman walks back to his vehicle with a piece of paper and a broad smile on his face.


A few days later the car was purchased by this gentleman and he decided to call his son to break the news and share his excitement.

His son goes by the name of Devin who was unfortunately sick in Colombo and happened to be sipping some Samahan that day when his dad called.. that day became an unforgettable day indeed.


Upon purchase the cars gremlins were sorted out and as months went by Devin started appreciating the car more and soon he had the chance to work for VW in Sri Lanka and that was when he was finally able to understand the brand and dig deeper into the European car culture whilst understanding how to tackle small gremlins older VW Golfs are known for. Devin and his Dad would spend hours discussing over the phone their ideas on making the Golf a better car.


The biggest step for Devin came was to swap the engine to a 1.8L 8V engine and sort out the wiring gremlins of the swap and he then realized that his suspension was on the way out as well and went ahead and ordered a set of coilovers from gecko whilst replacing the bushing as well.


Devin and his Dad were astonished to see how the cars stance transformed from what it was and how well it took corners and absorbed bumps.


The 1.8L 8V engine still retains the automatic gearbox the car came with.


Little over 30 years but the interior looks good.


The car rides on a set of BBS 15″ wheels and rumor has it that we gifted him a set hartge wheels that should give him more dish.


Sadly Devin lost his Dad recently in death and his Dad’s memory is what motivates him to keep working on the car.

So I asked Devin what were his proud moments with his Dad and the car


and they were, “First been able to buy it off my Dad and been able to share those moments with him discussing about the car and finally have him experience how I wanted the car to handle after going for coilovers and then having him say “I’m proud of you son!””.

This might not sound like a lot of modifications to some of you, but what matters is the moments we all share in the process and the knowledge we have gained from it. After all these are the memories that will take us all forward.


– Ramien


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