In R’s We Trust – When Genuine Type R’s Take Over Colombo


The morning was still young and it all began with a call to TED the bear (who was after a long night out) and the conversation starts like this.. ring ring..
Me “Hello?”
Varma “Yeah bro.. whats up?”
Me “Have you left?”
Varma “Where bro?”
Me “Ehh.. you do remember you left the Euro r at my place last night before you went partying? I’ve brought your car to meet the others before we head out to shoot”
Varma “Oh crap.. i just woke up.. I will meet you all soon on the way”

Typical TED fashion.


So a few weeks back I came up with the idea of bringing out all the original white Type R’s into the heart of Colombo to grab some shots and to show them in our home country.

For years I’ve always had a shot in mind… galle road.. the angle from behind and the backdrop of Colombo’s concrete jungle. Unfortunately I just couldnt select what car I wanted to focus on when pulling it off.

So when the R boys agreed to meet over the weekend, I knew I was going to pull it off one way or the other.


And here it is.. the FD2 on the right, the FK8 in the middle and yes… that little white na monster and my favorite Civic.. the EK9 all facing the hustle and bustle of our lives from Monday to Friday the Colombo business district. Just as we were done with the shot they were all hyped up which lead to them launching and up until 4th gear glen was on the edge of his seat as he could hear and see the little white screaming monster was neck & neck with him. What a surprise ๐Ÿ˜€ But then responsibility kicked in and I told all of them no more happy right pedals as we were on a public road.


Just then.. TED (although bit sour from last night) walked in admiring the line up whilst chatting to our good friend Aveendra from Static.


We then headed out to galle face.. riding shot gun in TED’s Euro R.


When there… we lined up.

Sulakkana’s EP3, Dinuka’s FD2 & Glen’s FK8. You can see how closely they have evolved in terms of design.. and running the infamous K20 engines with the FK8 been the only forced induction engined type r.


and then there was these 2.. very very similar with the body lines. Dilshan’s DC5 & Sathish’s CL7.


Some views from the rear


Ah there it is.. Nalins EK9.


By this time TED was recovering.


See what I meant by the similar body lines?


Imagine riding in this with a storm trooper helmet? Will be epic.


So lets get this straight… you’ve got an fd1 with a type r or mugen rr kit and find the price of an orginal type r so high that you try to justify that its just a civic whilst you brag that your car is the same and cost lesser.. well my friend you’ve lost the plot from day 1. Each R car has its chassis tuned for the twisties.. including additional welds on the chassis to make it stiffer.. then theres the engine that you’ve forgotten and the 6 speed manual. If you still don’t get it then your just a car fan for namesake while trying to be macho ๐Ÿ™‚



Same goes here too.. you basic accord doesnt justify why the Euro r costs more.


Then theres the legend that started all the type R hype. I always find my self coming back to meet this car.. for one this was the first performance car I ever drove at the age of 18. and 11 years have gone by and I still remember my first drive in it… then theres the crisp sound of it that gets you even before vtech.

What makes this car even more special is that it used to serve as the ex 52 Racing race car from 12 – 13 yrs ago. Its seen rally stages and circuits from Katukurunda to Pannala.
So this particular EK9 is a legend in its own way in Sri Lanka.


I guess we should come up with a national Type R day ๐Ÿ˜€


Seeing the FK8 on the road is just mental. The last thing you would expect a Honda with a BOV but this thing sounds and goes good for a factory turbo car.


Whilst the FD2 looks tame but strikes a punch for an NA


Same goes for the EP3


Look at it closer and you should be able to hear its sound in your mind.


He was fully recovered by now and was craving for some good breakfast


Then theres the signature shot. The sea on the side the city in the background and cruising in the EK9.


All the NA boys checking what the fuss is all about with forced induction. “Turbo? havent heard of it” ๐Ÿ˜›


We then headed off to have some breakfast and a chit chat.


Group pic before we headed off.


Well then what do we have here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you all enjoyed the drive that day guys and a big thank you for coming out that morning.

– Ramien

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