Change Em Fluids – Part 1


An oil change may sound normal to almost everyone and results in always two things.. people either do it or they don’t… the latter yes that actually happens! Hold on for that a bit later. To most of you maintenance abiding citizens this may not mean much but for those of you like me who are OCD and likes to understand how things work it means more than just an oil change.. so stick around!!


So the last time the Lag-acy had its oil change was around a year ago and I remember reading, which was then communicated to me by a dealer that the oil I chose which was Castrol’s edge 10W60 was good for a year or 7500odd km’s. At the time the car used to see a lot of daily driving and by practice ever since I got the car, I’ve always annoyed my neighbors by keeping the car to idle and warm up for a minimum of 5-10mins before driving off, so that the oil warms up to temperature.

So fast forward now and my OCD kept kicking me reminding me that I had to do it.. and for the past 4 months or so the car hasn’t been driven on a daily basis. So which meant I had to check around for an oil that could bare the days when it wasn’t driven around and was very much ready for it to be cranked up and driven with lesser time needed to warm up. Saying this.. I will still maintain the 5-10mins to warm up.. why? Well who doesn’t like to hear a boxer on a cold start and idle.. morning motivation.


So this time when selecting an oil I had to think… did I like the brand I used before? Yes of course. Why? The 24 year old untouched EJ has served reliably for the past 1 year since its last oil change with no hickups (except for bad ignition coils) during daily commutes to work and back and 3 full power runs on that dyno which is known to break hearts – the mainline dyno.

With all that in mind I knew I had to visit the guys at Castrol and was going to purchase a less thicker oil this time as I don’t run the car daily at the moment.


When I visited their corporate office, I was expecting to be treated as just as another guy coming to buy an oil can but was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed and then got chatting about oils and then I was asked what I drive and so on.. and they were very much appreciative to know that I was changing from Castrol to Castrol 🙂 I was also advised that this oil, Castrols Magnatec 10w 40 should be changed in 6 months or on or before 5000kms.


So got my can of 10w 40 oil and headed back home to get the car ready prior to taking it for an oil change.


While on my way I noticed this…. errr ok.. so 15 times smoother..


So felt it I did.. bottom was rough


whilst the top was smooth.

Now imagine what all that would do to that engine which is only 5 years younger to yours truly. I can literally picture all the detergents in the old oil cleaning all the little nooks and cranys of all the vital engine components just before been flushed off…


… and ready for some new liquid goldIMG_8969

Look how fresh that looks 😀 OCD level over the roof here!


The boys at Drag & Drift Performance have always been kind enough to accommodate me.. sadly I end up always been their when they are between race seasons and just before drags lol.. still though they were extremely helpful.

New oil put in and the car was dropped down for it to settle. A few mins later we checked the oil level and it was all good.

Then it was cranked up and crank to life it did 🙂


I booked myself at D&D for an oil change and to run a quick check on the codes on the car and that was when I noticed code 23.. MAF sensor 😦

Out came some contact cleaner in typical subaru fashion.. and the MAF sensor was cleaned. The first pic on this post you can see the airbox & maf been let to dry after contact cleaner prior to fixing and start up after oil change.

The code 23 all disappeared after it was cranked up after MAF cleaned and oil changed. Lag acy was all good.

Now coming down to that later story.. I once overheard a conversation between a mechanic and a car user.. the conversation was on these lines..

“The car all of a sudden stopped working… how do these things happen? they are supposed to always work.. thats why i bought this car 3 years ago brand new! This is the 1st time i’m forced to come to a garage”

Mechanic : “when was the last time did you change your oil on the car?”

Mam “What! what oil change? you dont have to do those things yeah… so whats the big deal?”

Well then there you have your answer… Do it on time and do it right or else you will be like him or her.

Whether you learnt something new today or was reminded of it.. I hope you enjoyed reading.

If you like to know more about Oil.. have a different view to what I have said do share your comments here.. or if you do like me to cover on some oil technicalities in the near future do let me know as well.

– Ramien

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