Who Said GC8’s Cannot be Daily-ed


My love for Subarus started in the most mystical ways possible.. It wasn’t until my cozin owned his gc8 back in the day that I came to appreciate the brand and the impreza more in particular after driving it in person. As time went on and after a few subaru features on pistontorque that fondness increased.

Sri Lanka has alot of impreza gc’s in forms of wrx’s and sti’s but finding one that ticks my boxes in terms of looks and cleanness is a tough one.


One day when a pic popped up of a white gc8 I knew I had to check it out and share it with you all.
IMG_9183Enter Mahilal the proud owner of his latest acquisition..


An original white gc8 ver 4.


Mahilal has owned the car for a few months now and is still in the learning stages of the car.


Whilst saying this the car has indeed taught him much about fine tuning his driving style..

Starting his life into cars he first owned a preface-lift Carina GT, thats when a love for 4AGE’s came and from there he made a life changing purchase to a particular Toyota.. whilst having that Toyota, he purchased another Toyota… an Altezza.
It was then traded for this.. A good looking GC8 ver 4 in Subaru’s feather white.

The car sits low thanks to a set of Japanese coilovers..ย Silk Road RM/A8 spec suspensions to be precise.
Wheels of choice is 17″ Gold Rally Sparco tarmac spec wheels..
Power is sent from the EJ20K.. yup ej20ks came in only in version 3 & 4’s. The car has had aftermarket bearings put and can run more than 1 bar of boost which is controlled by an apexi avcr generation 2 but is set atย 0.75 bar for daily driving. Cold air is sucked in thanks to an apexi cold air intake.

Yes you heard it right DAILY DRIVEN.

The sound department is in check thanks to a full fujitsubo exhaust system.
Then there’s the interior.. The passenger gets the standard STI seat and the driver an original bride low max seat and railing.. good for toning down your bottom whilst communicating with the car when trying to feel the grips of it on the twisties.

Then there’s this wing… for that bloke who thought it was an evo wing.. you will need to do a bit more research.
The wing is in fact an aftermarket Japanese spoiler which is limited edition from memory.. either way it is adjustable.
Then there’s the bonnet.. It may look like your average gc8 bonnet but its not.. its an original aluminium bonnet off a 22B.

IMG_9216ย The diffs up front and back are off an RA with LSD’s each. Everything put together makes the car look unique. The ride comfort is not bad either but hey we are all here to read about performance car’s so calm your horses.

Coming back to Mahilal, hes been following us since 2011 when we started and never in his wildest dreams did he think he would get to feature his own car here. When I reached out to him he was in shock.

What i’d like to point out to everyone is if you have a dream.. go on and work hard to accomplish it.. there will be tough days but eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of us including Mahilal, all started in life with our parents daily ecnobox and going through articles like this would make us feel “only if i had that car”.. That thought should never make you feel worthless instead make any negative energy into positive and do all things right by working hard toward you goal, whether its working for someone or doing your thing.


Because at the end there’s always light at the end of the tunnel how fast to get there is up to you but never lose hope.

A big thank you to Mahilal who has in fact inspired us and thank you to all of you who actually read.

Until next time.


– Ramien

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