When A Group of Hachi-Go’s Meet

So it was around a week ago I got an inbox message saying.. hey lokka the hachi boys are trying to organize their 1st meetup and there are guys coming from as far as Kandy and we would like pistontorque to do its thing. My reply yeah why not.. it would truly be a privilege shooting these rare cars which have something magical about them.

In my head I could imagine walking into the parking lot and hearing the Toyota’s A series engines pur and the icing on the cake would be to hear the most sort after 4AGE pur through a set of ITB.. was I asking too much?

No way! Walking in there I was greeted by a line up of Hachi’s and on the otherside were their owners all humbly conversing with each other and with friends who had shown up.

I walked by each one of them..

observing their…

Some details like their wheels of choice which I felt were period correct
Then some dish.. and
their choice of colors
whilst their bodies were all in their own shades of color.
Oh yes the younger kid on the block was there too.. Sporting its BOXER engine.
See what I meant with those dishes… although you may not wash the dishes at home.. when it comes to your car you have no choice.. most of you would pick the latter over the first.
Then they were in Panda form.

This guy drove all the way from Kandy.

Wait a minute…. I have seen them somewhere many times before! Not always do you get to see a set of EK9 Recaros in a Hachi. Thats coz the owner is a big EK9 fan and racer.
What gets me about the late 80 & early 90’s cars is the pure sense or rawness that they have even though they come with comforts from back in the day. As the saying goes.. nothing like having some old school rock & roll in your life.

Take it from me I know what that is like.


Suren was on a winking mood that evening.. sorry Suren 😀
Yet to drive one of these.

IMG_9573The engines in them all range from 3S’

IMG_9576to 3A’s


to be 4AGE swapped
to 4AGE swapped

Finally the owners.. without whom their cars would not be what they are or what they will be. Some of the owners here didnt have their cars on hand as some of them are been worked on.

That however didnt stop them from turning up to a meet.

A thank you to the guys for inviting me over and I hope all you owners enjoyed the pics.

– Ramien

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