Evolution Passion Evolved

Have you ever been one of those privileged few who has lived next to a super cool car neighbor? Someone who’s owned a very nice Evo or STI? Well here’s how our feature story started.

At the age on 19 our friend Chathuranga fondly known as “Wicky” was enjoying his soup one afternoon at home, when he suddenly heard a sound of a car which he had only heard over the speakers via online car videos..

Left his favorite soup he did and rushed out.. to see a white Evo 4 in person. His neighbor Ishan was one of those cool neighbors that owned a standard lancer and had just completed a full conversion to an Evo 4. This happened at a time when Evo conversions were not heard of to the Tom, Dick and Harry and in fact was one of the 1st Evo conversions here in sunny Sri Lanka done by non other than the ace local Evo boy / Racer – Ashan Silva.

From a very young age “Wicky” has been following the whole Japanese sports car scene by constantly watching rally videos and following the Evo in particular. He remembers seeing the Evo handle corners unlike any other car and then clearly remembers the aggressive look and stance Evo’s had. Over the years these 2 points were clearly etched into his mind and it was at that point he knew he had to have one.

Then one day his neighbor let him drive his Evo 4, that was when he got to feel what an Evo really felt like. The feeling of the grip from the AWD system and then the low rpm response it had was never something that he had ever felt in any other car before. Then there was the boost…  which took him to another level. That was when the goal to own one became even stronger.. but owning an Evo 7 or 9 was very much above his reach at the time.

Fast forward to a few years later and he bought an Evo 4 and did some work to it. Brembos were added after months of saving and it was after realizing that the standard brakes weren’t functioning one bit.. Talk about a reason to upgrade. The 4 was sold after a year or so of ownership and it was at that time He knew he could now set his eye on something a bit higher. But still owning a 9 was a bit out of reach but a 7 was reachable.

A white 7 was found and a test drive was done and the feeling of want was very high and purchase it He did. The car was then quickly stripped off all its interior and exterior bits by the boys at D&D Performance (every nut, bolt and part was removed and put in bags and boxed in order to be put back together in order – talk about been organized)  and a complete original 9 exterior was sourced and the car was put in for paint.

After paint all the bits were put back together by Wicky and the D&D boys and a cut and polish was done.

The car came out looking tidy and shiny and Wicky was in fact in awe. The color of choice? Yes what you see above.. Lets just call it Red.
As the exterior was as fresh as a fresh lemon.. Wicky now had his mind set on the mechanical side of things.
The car was booked in at Dynamic Racing to have its AYC pump serviced, other little gremlins ironed out and topped up with a fresh timing belt, 340lph fuel pump, stage 2 clutch and coilovers installed.
The car was then ready to hit the streets as a weekend car.
What really caught my eye in addition to the body color was the contrasting black 17″ Japanese spec wheels and aftermarket front lip in black with the factory spec Brembos in white. Nicely done.
The interior was also nicely put together..
No flashy gauges visible, just the way I would want.


So then future plans? If all goes well… the standard 7 engine has plans to be built, bigger injectors, bigger turbo and a motec ecu. Goal?
To be the fastest street Evo in town.

So there you have it once again.. dreams to become reality, with a lot of hard work and a lot of planning. So go on and plan your build and make it happen.

A thank you to our friend Wicky for bringing his car and sharing his passion.



Lancer Evolution 7
Original Evolution 9 Exterior
Japanese 17” wheels
Aftermarket front lip black

Unopened 4G63T
Exedy Stage II clutch
Gates Timing belt kit
Standard Turbo @ 1bar boost
D2 coilovers
3inch exhaust
Kakimoto muffler
Aem 340lph pump
Standard Brembo Brakes in white



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