Porsche GT3 RS In Sri Lanka – What’s It Like Taking Delivery Of One

We have all been kids at some points in our lives and sometimes deep down we still are. What we all remember and look forward to is unwrapping nicely packed gifts, but what we may forget is the excitement and anxiousness that lead to the unwrapping. Well this was the same case for Hiran known to us and many for a nicely packed 10 Sec tarmac weapon of an Evo at the recent Drags.

A few weeks back, the guys from Porsche Sri Lanka got in touch and wanted to know if I’d like to cover the handing over of a very special car to them and many Sri Lankans.. I knew exactly what it was.. The first Porsche GT3 RS on Sri Lankan soil.

For years I’ve had a soft spot for the GT3 RS, the sound, the high revving characteristics from its NA Flat 6 and the bump in torque and power it got when the motor was upgraded from a 3.8 to a 4.0. For comparison sake in 2007 a GT3 RS made 415BHP, in 2010 it made 450BHP out of a 3.8 in 997 RS form. Then when the 991 in RS form came 2 years ago with the 4.0, it came with 500BHP and the whole world went crazy.. 500BHP out of an NA flat 6… thats V8-V10 territory! Well then, now the 2018 GT3 RS with it’s 4.0 now pushes 520BHP.. coupled that with its PDK transmission and launch control sure makes for a fun animal on the road and on track.
So when entering the Porsche Sri Lanka showroom what caught my eye was the cake.. well how funny.. we all love cake but this cake appeared different.. that color?
The car was neatly covered as it awaited the arrival of it’s new owner Hiran.
So Hiran walks in and suddenly see’s me and asks “ah Ramien what brings you here”. At that moment I had to say.. “I’m here to capture your reaction and the moment where you finally get to take the car home” to which we both have a good laugh.. heck I’m also excited for him! Here’s Hiran taking a shot of the car before the cover was taken off. That grin could not be wiped off his face for a few days I guess. Heck who wouldnt be… Its a GT3 RS!
This handing over was a special one as this is the first time Porsche Sri Lanka was delivering a “Track car for the Road” here in sunny beautiful Sri Lanka, which called for the unveiling and handing over of the car to be done by their Chairman – Mr. Senanayake.

Hiran’s face has excitement beaming from it.. certainly an unforgettable day for him and his family.
So there you have it.. the first and official 911 GT3 RS from Porsche Sri Lanka. The color? Lizard Green for the GT3 RS. I recall reading that the engineers had a task when trying to develop the color and it came out stunning.
The keys were handed over
IMG_0182A peek in the interior revealed..
Race car wheel with alcantara and the lizard green mark.. a must when driving.

Stitching, embroidery and half cage in that color.. full bucket seats in carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.. Very much like.

IMG_0172Then how do you appreciate this work of art before driving it? simple.. get down to this angle and then stare at it.

Adjustable wing check.
Lizard Green and black certainly makes for a tasteful contrast.. much like!
Thing about Porsches.. they got wide hips and that’s what adds to their appeal 🙂
Thanks to the team at Porsche Sri Lanka for inviting pistontorque.

Now please bring down my ultimate street Porsche.. the 700BHP GT2 RS.
When I told Hiran I was there to capture his reaction… I wasn’t kidding.. I meant business 😀 Money shot taken!

Thanks Hiran for been a nice guy in the car community and so happy you got to have your dream car! All the very best.


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