Not Your Average Mark II – The Closest To A Four Door Supra

The likes of Skylines and Supra’s here in Sri Lanka has always had a strong following. Well what would you do if your a big fan of a Supra but had family planned out and your daily had to be something comfy during on and off traffic, have room for big kids to stretch out and then occasionally scare them with the help of not one but two turbos?

This was the case for Binu & Panitha’s dad. He had been owning the Mark II for a few years now and then the need for a sports car came up.. yes there are cool dads out there 🙂 The boys got talking with dad and they were able to find a Mark II TourerV in Japan.
The car was stripped and its driveline, interior and a few exterior bits were now on their way to Sri Lanka.
The Mark II was then prepared for the Kit to arrive from Japan. Color of choice was a Toyota metallic blue.
Soon the TourerV kit arrived and began the transplant. The Kit came with an engine, automatic gearbox – as said earlier their dad needed something comfy in traffic, hence why AT was chosen.
The interior was then installed
The option of turning off traction control was now very much there with the new engine..
Lets pop the hood shall we?
First glance at the Japanese spec aluminium piping for the intercooler and
coolant hardlines.. the faded look of IC piping is something I’ve always been a fan of. Aluminium is certainly more light weight and looks very much JDMish over steel pipes.
Upon closer inspection at the strut tower.. glimps of the Tein Flex Z coilovers along with the Cusco strut brace.
Yes the engine in question… when I said “closest to a four door Supra” this is what I meant… The Supra came with the infamous 2JZGTE whilst the TourerV came with the 2JZ’s sibling.. A 1JZGTE again with sequential twin turbos from factory. Power from them were always advertised at 280BHP for both due to a gentleman’s agreement in Japan. But they are known to put out more than that.
The car was now complete and the boy’s finally got to show their dad his car of his dreams.. a car fun enough to play about in which calls for torque over outright top end power.. The JZ’s engines were nicknamed torque monsters and in factory form they put out a pretty decent figure.
Its been an awesome 5 months after the car came out with its 1JZ and the boy’s dad is absolutely in love with it as its his daily. Rumor has it that Dad is actually a faster driver than the boys when he is in the Mark II and scares them everytime he’s behind the wheel. Win!

The boy’s remember their first drive in it after the new engine went it.. the added power coupled with the weight of the car made it planted at higher speeds and when the pedal goes down the boost kicks in from the 2 CT15b turbos and the sudden surge of acceleration put smiles across their faces.

During the build the boys wanted to get the VIP look… No I’m not referring to the Sri Lankan VIP theme here… like the flashing lights and loud horns.. if you don’t know what the VIP look is check out the Jap VIP sedan’s… where everything is kept super clean and the car is nice and low and looks mean from any angle without having any atrocious body-styling.
So what plans for the car? An ECU, 17″ BBS Wheels, Toyo Tyres along with a louder exhaust.

So there it is.. A super cool dad who loves everything about the car.. from the looks of it to the way it drives and he’s very much glad to have 2 awesome boys who knows his tastes and follows it to make it a very awesome family car.

For all the guys who are and will be dad’s.. here’s a good role model 😀




Toyota Mark II
1JZGTE with CT15B Twin Turbos @ 0.5bar
Greddy FMIC & Piping
HKS Mushroom Intake
3″ Fujitsubo Full Exhaust
Tein Flex Z Coilovers
17″ Sparco wheels 8″ front & 9″ rear
Exterior Color Toyota Blue Metallic

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