The Pistontorque 2020 Exclusive Performance Car Meetup

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, especially those in the car community with lockdown and many taking a hit on their income, work, etc. Something that always arose is the unity amongst those in the car community during the pandemic which saw one looking out for the other in large and small ways.

Once the situation in the country improved we thought it was time to organize a meet up for those in the community, with the goal of lifting their spirits and helping them refocus on their long time passion, business, or whatever you would like to call it that involves – Cars. 
We made sure that we had a variation of cars where everyone was treated equally without any differentiation by their cars (Cars from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s & the 2000s) basically if your car was tastefully done, you would eventually make it on the list. 

Within a month, we were able to lock in Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, who came on board as our venue partner and we were able to make an exclusive call out to those in the community – which was accepted with wide open arms! We then went on to make a little teaser starting with our first lineup of videos – Cars of Sri Lanka which certainly made the invitees even more hyped for the meet on the 20th of Sept.

Fast forward to 20th Sept morning at the Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, the distinctive sound of Boxer engine is heard in the distance.. 
It was Andrew Choksy in his newly acquired GC8 that happened to be one of the first cars to arrive that morning.
Later followed by Ishraq Wahab in his Sti GVB
Next up was Sathish in his FD2R (Thanks for fixing us up with the tunes bro)
The first 1JZ car to come was Ayesh in his Mark II Drift car,
followed by Clive in the other Mark II Jzx100
Shortly after Nadeeka made it too in his 300ZX
followed by his wife Nishi in her 350z.
In the distance the sound of an SR20 scream was heard, Tharindu in his Garret G Series powered S15.
Followed by Isira in his Sti GDB.
Our good friend Devin made it too in his MK2 Golf
Kaushalya & Arshad made it too with both of their cars looking the business.
Tharindu was wanting another JDM icon as a parking companion on his right of his S15, so we saved it for a very special car 😀
Suranga made it too in his clean Mini, those tyres makes it look deadly. I heard he needs those meaty tyres for grip as it handles like a go kart!
Loving the look of Ayesh Mark II
Drop top
Loved both the 1.3L Minis
as they both had their unique touches to them… One with the original 1275 &
the other with 4EFTE out of a starlet gt. One word.. Cool!
The Sti was literally looking at the Evo enter from the corner of it eye.. prolly saying “Play it cool.. play it cool” lol
Love the Evo 9 on a set of..
Speedline Corse Competitons.
Ayesh always gets his stickers right!
Managed to get the Mark IIs parked just right considering their length.
Then came Panitha in their Mark II Jzx 100 that we featured sometime back.
Isira’s GDB & Abhitha’s GC8
The EK9 one of the finest drivers cars to come out of Japan – Definitely a JDM icon…
that looked at home parked next to other iconic Japanese cars – GDB, GC8, S15 & EK9
Prasanjith made it too in his S2000. Loved the wheel combo too!
Nirmal & his recently restored Trueno looking the business – In case you didn’t know his car was on our 1st Cars of Sri Lanka video
Dilshan’s lovely Evo 3 – another Japanese icon for sure…
plus his FC RX7
That Mark II looks so good from behind!
Sachith’s GDB ver 9 Spec C Type RAR.. The second Spec C Type RAR at the meet!
Kaushalya & Kuvini brought both their Platinum R34 GTR &
Ashard although not in the country made sure to send his car for the meet! Thanks for the love and support bro.
Abhitha’s GC8
looking tough.
Arshard’s Evo 6 always looks on point
Drac’s special IS
Muzahir’s blacked out GDB Sti ver 8 on point
Maleesha’s Legacy B4
Shabbir’s CLA
Wang club
Kamalraj & his tastefully done 2nd gen Legacy RS
Kaushalya & his GC8
Felt the miami vibes when Binu pulled up in his blue Jzx 81.. Late 80’s cars I tell you!
Ravimal & his clean Jzx100
Dhanushka & his clean Jzx100
Chathura & his PRS GC8
Hiran & his GDB Ver 9 Spec C Type RAR.. the second RAR at the meet.
Shehan & his friend & their Evo 6
Sanjaya & their Evo 9
Malika & his GDB Sti ver 9
Ravindu & his GC8

Keep an eye on Insta & Facebook for more shots that we took of the cars & the owners.
So there you have it, most of the owners who stayed behind to grab a group pic that concluded that mornings meet up.

Thanks to everyone who made it that morning!

A note of thanks goes to:
Our venue partner Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo for having us over and making it possible.
Mithu, Devin, Mahen & Raees for helping out & arranging the vehicles at the venue.
Shanu & Neelesha for the lovely images 🙂
My wife for coordinating & ensuring everything ran smoothly at the venue.
Sathish for the perfect selection of tunes that certainly lifted the vibe at the meet.

Whats in store next? Lets just say we have already started doing the ground work for the next 😀

– Ramien


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