Samurai’s With Swords – The Evolution Meet Up 2012


Recently a call was put out to for all Japanese Samurai’s to bring out their swords and show Colombo how proud they were of them. Thanks to Social Media these days organizing meets of this nature has become a bit easy to organize. So scroll down to check it for yourselves. We have posted all the pics not in order form for a reason.. so that all who came out that day, wouldn’t know what to expect below. Enjoy!


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The Piston Meet Feb ’12 – Pistontorque’s 1st Meetup

With every year end comes alot of new year resolutions for almost all of us. Well for me it was to actually “organize my 1st ever car meet up” among my many other resolutions. When it came to selecting an appropriate date to organize my 1st meet, i then realized that this February has been exactly 1 year since i started photographing cars… with that i decided to combine the two and this is are the results.

I wonder if there’s any better way to celebrate this than to get the guest of honor chucked into a trolley….  Thats what happens when a Raptor messes with an Angry Bird 😀

Well then… how did it all start that day?
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