Evolution Passion Evolved

Have you ever been one of those privileged few who has lived next to a super cool car neighbor? Someone who’s owned a very nice Evo or STI? Well here’s how our feature story started.

At the age on 19 our friend Chathuranga fondly known as “Wicky” was enjoying his soup one afternoon at home, when he suddenly heard a sound of a car which he had only heard over the speakers via online car videos..

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Daily Driven IV – Sathish’s Evolution IV

Having a modified car has always had its challenges, whether its a small issue or a big issue. But one thing I have always seen is that amidst all those challenging times and situations they all settle down at some point and its at that point can the owner actually detox as it were from all the drama by simply doing one thing.. Driving!

Each time you put your left foot down and down shift and then your right foot down.. all your issues and problems just disappear and you end up having this massive grin on your face.
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