Evolution Passion Evolved

Have you ever been one of those privileged few who has lived next to a super cool car neighbor? Someone who’s owned a very nice Evo or STI? Well here’s how our feature story started.

At the age on 19 our friend Chathuranga fondly known as “Wicky” was enjoying his soup one afternoon at home, when he suddenly heard a sound of a car which he had only heard over the speakers via online car videos..

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It’s Not Just A Cub – Jaguar E Pace


Sri Lanka you pearl of the Indian ocean, you’ve loved the British since they gifted Sri Lanka with many things, the tea plantations, the railway system, the colonial architecture and the pubs.

Thankfully we Sri Lankans have not thought like the British with the ever so popular pun from Clarkson, If the engineering works.. oh its British engineering but if it doesn’t work… ah its Scottish engineering since it was invented in a shed.

With that in mind, we might have forgotten something that the British gave us as well.. and that is the Jaag! When ever we see an E Type our heart skips a few beats and we are stopped in our tracks.

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