News: Haltech Unlocks New Features On Their Elite Series ECU’s

Haltech recently announced that they have updated new features on their single connector Elite ECUs:  550, 750 and 950 which now gives users the option of re-assigning unused injector and ignition outputs as well as integrated closed loop boost control, launch control and flat shift functionality among other features.

Whilst saying the above they haven’t forgotten to add something, that has been a long overdue need to their entire Elite series ECU’s which includes their Elite 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 ECU’s. That something you might be wondering is Water Injection.

However, in order to make use of these updates (ESP Firmware v2.37) you will first need to update to the latest version of the Haltech ESP software – v.2.45.0 which can be downloaded off their website or through the “ESP Online” portal if you’ve already got a previous version of ESP on your laptop.

What’s included again? Keep reading.

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