The 1/4 Mile Life – Laying Rubber on An Air Strip


We last witnessed a legal drag race exactly 12months ago, within a few months after it was organized everyone were soon thirsting up for another one! Although attempts were made to hold another drag battle early and mid this year failed, the green light came from the officials to hold it at the Katukurunda Air Strip to end this year.

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Rodbot’s Caged EK9 – Bringing a Race Car out to play on the Street

We all have heard the statement “we will always remember our first crush”. If i was to take that statement and put it into the life of a petrol head, it would then obviously mean a car. By now you probably know that EK9’s and Me have a sort of history.

If your wondering whats so special about this EK9 to me other than its Normal Aspirated Numbers or its power to weight ratio or its driving dynamics, then let me just tell you : When i turned 18 this car right here was the 1st performance car i drove thanks to my friend who bought it back then. It was the 1st time i felt Vtec kick in at 6000rpm. This was the car that taught me the meaning of simple and functional factory modifications . It also prevented my mind from going rice boy crazy when i took a peek at the world of aftermarket tuning.  This car right here is my master! Each time i see it i appreciate Honda for making its 1st fwd car to carry the Type R badge.

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That Sedan With an R >> Luthuf Ashraff’s Euro R

In the vast market of Mid size performace cars… you get the honda Accord Euro R that fits into this segment. Euro what you ask? Yes you heard me! Its the Accord Euro R. To those of you who dont knw about this car i will go on to explain. Well whats with the R you might ask? As in the case of honda the R signifies something very special to them, that they are Continue reading “That Sedan With an R >> Luthuf Ashraff’s Euro R”