Video: Piston Torque Invitational | Colombo Performance Car Meet-up 2020

Whilst 2020 has been challenging for all car enthusiasts here in Sri Lanka, a need for a meet-up presented itself when conditions improved and regulations relaxed in September 2020, and with the support of a few good friends we were able to pull this off. We made sure to open it to a handful of selected

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Who Said GC8’s Cannot be Daily-ed


My love for Subarus started in the most mystical ways possible.. It wasn’t until my cozin owned his gc8 back in the day that I came to appreciate the brand and the impreza more in particular after driving it in person. As time went on and after a few subaru features on pistontorque that fondness increased.

Sri Lanka has alot of impreza gc’s in forms of wrx’s and sti’s but finding one that ticks my boxes in terms of looks and cleanness is a tough one.
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Clean As White With A Strong Tinge Of Red – One Clean WRX


Its 5pm and we arrived to shoot this version 8 wrx at a secret location in Florida..
Uh I mean Colombo.. sorry certain parts in Colombo are quite beautiful in case you woke up from sleeping under a rock all this while.

Well lets get to the Cars then shall we? For a long time I have been looking to shoot a clean stock engined wrx specifically a blob eye. It’s quite the challenge to find one that hasn’t had its heart modded in some way or the other. No I am not saying modding its motor is a bad thing!
But sometimes you have to enjoy factory power to understand where it all began from.

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