Samurai’s With Swords – The Evolution Meet Up 2012


Recently a call was put out to for all Japanese Samurai’s to bring out their swords and show Colombo how proud they were of them. Thanks to Social Media these days organizing meets of this nature has become a bit easy to organize. So scroll down to check it for yourselves. We have posted all the pics not in order form for a reason.. so that all who came out that day, wouldn’t know what to expect below. Enjoy!


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Japanese Gunslingers – IX vs IX

There have being times when we all have see some old wild wild west gunfight action on television. Well its a bit rare now but as kids it was one of the things that we enjoyed (until our parents stopped us from watching it for the violence). But hey even Looney Tunes got it! LOL

I know we all do miss the old days when we were just kids!  but gunfights or gunfighters if you were to call it were conflicts between Good vs Bad, Villains vs Heroes or Lawman vs. Gunslinger.

In this case it wasn’t about firearms or physically harming someone… but it was about a battle that was 1st set up in 1992 when Mitsubishi created the 1st generation Lancer Evolution and Subaru created the 1st generation Impreza WRX.  The battle between these 2 started on the tracks in Japan and made its way into WRC.

Along with the WRC bug various motoring media groups  started comparing them and reviewing them together which lead to a die hard fan base of these 2 cars respectively.

If your wondering whats the real buzz about these 2 cars are… its quite simple, they both have 2L 4 cylinder turbo engines and are  All-Wheel Drive. From their inception in 1992 to this very day, that has being their formula!

A few days ago i was going through the thought of how the modern (not the latest) model of the Evo and STi would look together on the street or anywhere for that matter. Soon that thought became a quest…. a quest to find 2 of the best examples in Sri Lanka.

So today from the Subaru camp we have the Impreza WRX STi Ver IX (9) Spec C Type RA and from the Mitsubishi camp we have the Lancer Evolution IX (9) GT spec.
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The Boss of Evo Bosses – Cyber Evo

You now might be thinking the following “I have  seen all the Evo’s out there” or “Nah its just another Evo!”

Well stop right there and examine the above picture well and watch the below video… & make sure to look out for the below specs! Then you’l get my drift.

The Cyber Evo started life as a standard Evo IX & went on to be created with one purpose in mind & that is to attack a circuit with a quickest time or is known as Time Attack.  The car was built & is  raced in Japan, But it also made its way to Australia the previous year & this year to take part in the World Time Attack 2010/2011 respectively.

You might wonder who put down all the cash into building this… That question shall be answered below!
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